Activate the USA Network App on Roku

USA Network opens up your media choices and allows you access to hundreds of your favorite movies or TV Shows. To access the content, you simply need to create an NBCUniversal profile. However, you need to download and activate the USA app to stream this content on your streaming device.

In this article, we will list out all the steps needed to activate the USA network on your Roku TV.

Roku is a streaming service that changes your TV into an entertainment bank. You can install all the channels you like and watch them at your pleasure.

Activate the USA Network App on Roku

Go through the following steps to activate USA Network on Roku. Downloading the USA app on your Roku device is the first step to begin the process of activation.

  1. Turn on your Roku device and television and click on the Home button found on your Roku remote. In doing so, you will see the Home Page visible on the screen.
  2. Using the arrow keys on the remote, navigate to the Roku Channels. In the search bar, use the virtual keyboard display to search for the USA Network App.
  3. You will find the USA Network App below the search bar. Highlight the app and select the button titled Add Channel.

  1. You will see a dialogue box that asks you to log in to your Roku account. Using your email and password, sign in to the account.

  1. On signing in, go to the option titled Channel Store.
  2. Under this window, you will see a list of apps on the Roku screen. Go to the USA Network app.
  3. In doing so, you will get an activation code. This is the code that will activate the channel. The code will be presented on the screen. Ensure that you note it down.
  4. Once you get the code go to the on your Roku TV.
  5. On the page, you will see a message that asks you to enter the activation code and a box below it. Enter the code you received in Step 7 and click on the continue button found below the box.

Once that is done, the activation process will begin. It might take 2 – 3 minutes for the process to get over. As soon as the activation process is complete, you will be able to access the content of the USA Network app.


This article discussed the steps that need to be taken to activate the USA Network App on your Roku TV. The first step is to install the USA Network app on the Roku device, then log in to your Roku account to get the activation code. Once you get the code, open and type in the code to activate the channel.


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