Succeeding on Instagram is getting harder and harder because of the large number of users this social network is having, but with these tips, you can’t fail! You will have a community of users who participate in your publications and will grow your online reputation.

Be Yourself and be Original

On Instagram, as in all social networks, we can be anonymous, but if we want to succeed, we will have to take off our mask and be authentic, also we can buy automatic Instagram likes monthly. You have to reach the heart of your followers being yourself, do not try to be someone else.Being yourself, original, authentic,you will succeed on Instagram and on any social network.

Get a Short, Catchy Nick

On Instagram there are mentions and tags of people in posts or comments. If you have a very complicated nick, your followers will not find you when they want to tag you or mention you, make it easy!If you make it difficult, in the end they will not label you for pure laziness. But, if you make it easy, they will tag you whenever you appear in a photo or want to comment on something, or just send you a direct message.

Follow the People who Contribute Something to your Community

Continue to follow (hashtag # follow4follow) is not ideal in any social network, especially on Instagram.If any user follows you, but it will not contribute anything to you or your Community on Instagram, do not follow. It is not worth filling your Home page with publications that do not interest you, nor the Instagram Stories of pilgrim stories of unknown people and that do not contribute anything to you.

Get Followers, but don’t Buy Them

As in any social network, if you do not have followers, we are committed. You have to get followers, but not at any price, or paying. Normally, when we pay, the followers that offer us are not of our theme, they do not offer us interactions and they will only upload one of the statistics: Followers; the rest will leave it worse, since the ratio of Followers and interactions will be unbalanced.

Get Interactions in your Instagram Posts and, Fast!

There are two types of basic interactions in Instagram posts: “Like” and comments. Both are important for your photos to have an impact on your audience, especially since Instagram has changed its algorithm and ponders your posts because of its impact on your followers.

Getting “Like” is one of the priorities for your publications to have a greater number of impressions. But, on Instagram they have thought that it is more difficult for someone to leave you a comment, so having to click on the comment button, write the comment and click on the button to post your opinion about a photo. So, the more comments you have, the better your picture will have with the new Instagram algorithm. Tell more that they make you a comment that they like you.

And, they not only count the number of “likes” and the number of comments, but it also counts if they have been made in a small period of time since you have published the photo, because it means that your publication has a great impact about the users of this social network.To get more comments, you will have to encourage your users to comment, respond to comments they make and, ultimately, interact more with your Instagram community.

Geolocate your Posts on Instagram

A good way to find you near your company is to geolocate your publications and that all people looking for photos near those locations can find you.Instagram locations are taken from Facebook (its sister social network), so if you have your company registered on Facebook with location, you will appear in the listings of locations on Instagram.

Instagram offers many Possibilities, Take Advantage of them!

Finishing this article, you have to see the possibilities and opportunities that Instagram offers to its users, whether individuals or companies.There is no formula to succeed on Instagram without being famous or a good-looking girl or boy in bathing clothes continuously. But we can make it easier if what we want is to succeed in our community, with our followers and that they become potential customers.


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