Hey are you dropped your hard drive? And after that drop it’s not working or occurring any issue or error than you are one of the best site on Google. We apkhumble.com published one of the best article on solution of repairing dropped hard drive and so without wasting your precious time directly check solutions of dropped hard drive,

If You Dropped your hard Disk and now it’s not working then just carefully do this seven hard drive recovery steps carefully without any kind of miss matching. After connecting to your laptop or pc is this hard drive work? And try to connect carefully because it’s just dropped. After connecting if it’s still not showing in your pc or laptop then check its enclosure.

Is any sound coming from hard drive? Like clicking or clack something similar to that then it’s my humble request is theta please don’t try to remove this sound by yourself. I have many experience that whenever peoples trying to remove that noise they can mess-up everything and at last everything goes worst. So for avoiding that don’t try to repair that noise and if still you are willing to repair that noise then I wish you luck. You should try to claim warranty. When you buy your hard drive it’s come with warranty of at least one year. If your hard drive is still in that warranty period then you try to claim your warranty. If it’s in warranty then at last for everything is manufacturer or seller is responsible. But make sure warranty should be there before going to that seller or manufacturer and if they not giving you warrant of that failure of hard drive due to dropping they will give you advice.

Because it’s Hard Drive it’s having Lost of Data kept inside. So there are many people worried about Data. What will happen to are data? Can I able to get it back? Then my simple answer is that NO. if your hard disk is corrupted or failed to connect then it’s having very les chances to get that data. For avoid such king of loosed we suggest you to always keep taking backups. Whenever possible then try to take backup of data which kept inside your hard drive and if you have backup and your hard drive failed then it’s having very less impact on your emotions.

And if your data it’s not having any backup and you still required that hard drive data then don’t try to getting access to hard drive through any king of software’s, there are some good software’s but lots of fake software’s in market which give you guaranty that we able to get data but after paying them they not give you result and they fooling you by telling many nonsense things. Actually software can only fix logical issues instead of this kind of damages which occurs after dropping it.

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I Hope This Article is helpful to you and you will get your answer of How to repair your dropped hard drive. Thanks for your time and All the Best for your Hard Drive.

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