Puzzle Games for Android

Top Puzzle Games for Android

Every puzzle game has their own style challenging brain-teasers packaged in a sometimes funny, sad, exciting, however in any case continuously entertaining story. Let’s dive into our list of the

Top Puzzle Games for Android.

Monument Valley 2

Both Monument valley earns a place on this list for sound and visual design alone – it seems like interacting with magic. You control the hooded princess Ida, whom you must guide through Escher-like scenes, looking forward to the use of isometric perspective and manipulation of the design to achieve this.

It’s awfully clever and awfully pretty, and its puzzles never becoming frustrating. It’s relatively short, however, there’s a delicate story running through it, which combines with the other parts to elevate Monument valley on top of your typical ‘tap-here-build-this-wait-five-minutes-and-repeat’ android game. You can also check out scrabble word finder for words games such as words with friends.


Mekorama is extremely similar to Monument Valley, however, it goes its own approach. You control a small robot through fifty levels and initial have to move many floor stones, later skilfully move elevators up and down or bring large wheels into the proper positions.

While the individual tasks within the initial levels appear to be quite easy, the level of difficulty increases quickly. If you’ve got a Daydream headset, you’ll be able to download the VR edition of the game.

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The Room: Old Sins

Meanwhile, there is the fourth game from the series the room. And once more the developers have a place down a success. The Room: Old Sins takes you to the attic of an old house wherever you need to solve the mystery of the disappearance of a married couple. All traces result in a dolls house, however, that is simply the beginning…there’s a lot of here than meets the eye.

The Room: old Sin scores with atmospheric graphics and crisp puzzles that are never unfair. Thus it puzzles itself on longer flights in offline mode through the room universe. The third game brought the possibility to find any endings once the first run, and this additionally applies to old Sins.

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The Branch

The puzzle game The Branch needs very fast reflexes and a good spatial understanding. However, the puzzle game isn’t that difficult, because it’s simply a little man walking on a block wherever the back piece is cut off. In this jigsaw puzzle game for android, the character then gets within the way of many blocks, which may be cleared by wiping to the left or right to rotate the block. Since the taking part in speed is extremely high, it’s necessary to react quickly in order that the male doesn’t run against an obstacle, gets stuck and finally falls into the depth.

The Branch is a nice jigsaw puzzle game that quickly becomes addictive and always spurs you on to go a little additional than your last try.


TwoDots is the sequel to the highly successful puzzle game Dots and revolves around 2 brave points that cross the Arctic field, fight their way through glowing jungles and dive into the depths of the ocean. Sounds weird, however, it is! A complete of 135 free levels await the player, which is all regarding connecting matching points with one another.

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