How to Ring in the New Year With Better Financial Health

The hardest part of sticking to a financial resolution is actually sticking to it! Creating motivational tactics that get you where you want to be is a process. It will take time to discover the techniques that work for you. To help you ring in the new year with better financial health, here are our suggestions. 

Make Goals Attainable

The most important thing is to make a game plan, so you know how you’ll achieve your financial goals. Maybe you want to succeed on Instagram or start a side company.

If your goal for achieving financial health is to integrate Cetera retirement solutions into your long-term retirement plan, connect with others who have similar goals so you can support each other. 

We often set goals that are far too ambitious for the amount of time we have each day. Instead of biting off more than you can chew, set attainable financial goals that you can reach over time. 

Find a Support Network

Everyone needs support to stay motivated, fulfilled, and happy. Working on your finances means spending more time working, saving, and finding ways to push forward. These action steps can be draining. Find a support network with the app We are More to communicate with people you trust.

Associate With Like Minded People

Beyond integrating help from professionals, another motivation tactic is to surround yourself with others who are on similar paths. Attend financial seminars and reach out to individuals looking to better their financial health. Determine who you need in your corner and then use Todoist to create a daily to-do list.

You can include these people along with those in your community as part of your support network. You might end up hiring a blog writer to help your finances grow or learn about helpful books in line with your goals. 

The main idea is to get to know others who can help you reach your goals and perhaps act as financial partners. The more focus you put on achieving your goals, the easier it will be to stay on track. 

Expect Some Setbacks

Even if your goals are broken down into manageable chunks, the purpose of improving your financial health is still ambitious. Though bettering your financial health is not impossible, you should expect some setbacks. Lean on those you trust when these setbacks occur. 

Whether it’s job rejection, unexpected expenses, or having no free time, you’ll need to adjust to stay on top of your goals. Expect setbacks, so they don’t bother you when they arise. If you are finding the adjustment process challenging, reach out to those in your network to see how they can help. 

Use Positive Affirmations

If we orient our thoughts on the financial outcomes we want, we are more likely to find solutions. Take some time writing down positive affirmations about bettering your financial health. 

You can also place sticky notes on your refrigerator or mirror so you see these reminders daily or listen to podcasts that have content related to your goals. 

Speak to an Advisor

If you need help getting direction, reach out to a financial advisor and see how they feel your finances can look a year from now. If you’re looking for assistance with financial planning, you can schedule a consultation with an advisor near you. 

Gathering strategies from experts is a reliable way to build your wealth and overcome setbacks along the way. Do what you can to better your situation. 

The Bottom Line 

Setting a resolution for the new year to better your financial health is the easy part; it’s the doing part and the commitment to the resolution that takes effort. Remember, financial health is possible. Just take things step by step! 

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