Making a site for yourself is not easy as it requires advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS, jQuery, and server-side language, PHP. You can also hire a web developer, but it will cost you a few grand to make a responsive website and maintenance charges in the future.

A lot of website builder tools are surfacing on the internet for those who cannot have any budget to hire a web developer and are looking for some easy tool that can help you to make a website from scratch without any knowledge of programming languages.

Weebly, a famous drag and drop website builder, will let you build a website in less than 10 minutes.  You can either make your store or just a typical fashion blog, travel blog, or any niche of your choice. You can choose between the available plans and the best thing are you can avail a discount using Weebly coupon. So, let us see how to design a website from scratch within minutes.

How to design a website from scratch within minutes

Sign up

The very first thing you have to do is open On the top right section, you will see an option to sign up. When you click the sign-up option, you will be asked to either use your Facebook or Google account or enter your email address.

Once you are done providing your necessary information, you will get a choice between online store builder or a regular blog. Select the one that you need.

Design your site

The next step to look forward is to design your website according to your requirements. You can either select a theme and move towards the next step that is choosing a domain or customize the header, logo, title, and other necessary things according to your requirements. While selecting a theme or customizing the site, make sure it suits your niche and looks attractive.


Upon hitting the publish button, you will be asked to choose a domain name. With the free plan, your domain name will have a Weebly subdomain. For example, if you select a domain, it will have a subdomain and would appear

You can choose among the four plans of Weebly which are connected, pro, business, and business plus. All of these packs have multiple features which you can check on You can save a few bucks using Weebly coupons and enjoy the premium features at a low cost.

Publish your website

Once you are satisfied with the design of your website, click on publish. Weebly will instantly publish you the site and users will be able to check out your new website. If you feel like something is still missing from your site, you can edit it using the edit website feature.

So, by now, you must have learned to create a website from scratch with a Weebly website builder. The process is child’s play, and I hope you faced no difficulty while going through the steps. Hiring a web developer is worth it if you have a reasonable budget, but if you are tight on budget, Weebly is the best choice for you.

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