Social Media is a leading platform in the internet world. Every 2 out of 3 people are using the social media platforms either for some sort of entertainment or keeping themselves updated about what’s happening in the World. Social Media is vast network where hundreds of different platforms are available through which users can have a connection with the whole world or with whom they admire.

Along these hundreds of different Platforms, some are designed in such a way that their users can share their day to day insights whereas few of them gives the privilege to their users to have a conversation with their friends or contacts. These days, if you are feeling alone you can easily entertain yourself through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social media Platform.

Here we will be talking about WhatsApp. In WhatsApp specifically we will be explaining the method to join and share WhatsApp Groups Links. But before that let’s have a look over WhatsApp itself.

WhatsApp is a messaging application which is free for everyone. Through WhatsApp, users can have a conversation with their contacts or friends. Recently WhatsApp officials added some others features like having an Audio and Video calls with your WhatsApp friends. Apart from these, WhatsApp gives you the option to create groups with your friends and connect with multiple people at a time.

Today we will be sharing two guides with you I.e. “How to Share WhatsApp Group link” and “How to join the WhatsApp group through link”.

So, let’s begin with the first Guide.


How to Share WhatsApp Group Link

In order to Share WhatsApp Group link, make sure you are using the latest version of WhatsApp messaging Application because earlier sharing the link was not available on WhatsApp but Now it has been added through OTA update.

Step 1#

First of all create a share lnk of your whatsapp group. In order to do so follow the below mentioned steps.

Go to your Group in WhatsApp.

Now, click on the menu icon.

Select the group info.

In group info tap on the + (add new member).

After this, select the invite to the group via link.

As soon as you will select the above option, you will get a link.

Now, all you need to do is to share that links and through this, new members will able to get join the group.

Step 2#

In order to share the link that you have generated above, just copy that link in the message dialogue and just hit the send button. You group link will be shared with your desired contact.

So, this was the simple and easy way to share the WhatsApp group link. Now, let’s learn how to join the WhatsApp group through link.

In order to join the group through its link, all you need to do is to click on the link and then wait till WhatsApp checks the link and shows you the name of the group that you want to join. If the name shows to your is similar with the actual group name that you want to join then just click on the option “join Group”.

This was a guide through which you can easily share a join WhatsApp group link.


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