Adding an intro to your YouTube video can make it appear more professional. It also acts like a signature, people will instantly recognize the creator of the video when they see the brand intro. To incorporate learn how to make a youtube intro, you will need a basic video editor like Movavi Video Editor.

Choose a Free Intro Preset

The software provides several free intro presets that you can use in your video. When you launch the software, you must select the intro videos tab on the welcome screen. If you want to use an intro preset, you must drag it onto the video track. You will see a default image clip in front of the intro clip on the timeline.

Choose A Beautiful Font:

The Font will describe the image of your entire content, so you have to be careful when you are going to select font. Even free font is best to use, so you can get access to free font on this amazing site free .

Edit the Intro

To edit the intro, you must click on the small pencil icon. This will make the intro editable in the preview area. To add a background image, you can click on the Add Media Files button and select the desired image. You can also choose a video file if you want the intro to be short movie clip. After you have added the image, you must click on the default image in the timeline and delete it.

Add Text into the Intro

Every intro should has the channel’s name and also include an outline on the content of the video. You can also consider including a logo in the intro. The font color should match with the background so that people can see the text clearly. If you want to add text, you can go to the T tab and select a title style. Both plain and animated title styles are available. The intro should ideally be kept to a length of 10 seconds otherwise your visitor may lose their attention.

Integrate Music in the Intro

It is always good to have some background music that can add value to your friend. You can compose a special music for your brand and add it by clicking on the Add Files button. It also has a collection of free music clips that you can add to your video which can be found under Music. To add a music preset, you simply have to drag it into the timeline.

Include a Call to Action

In the intro, you can also include a call to action. Without a call to action, your customers will not know what they should do after watching your video. The call to actions styles can be accessed under the call to action tab on the left. Like the title styles, you have to drag it onto the clip to add it. You must chose a call to action with text if you want to add text in the shape. The intro should be in the first minute of your video since it is supposed to be an introduction to the video content.

Don’t Auto play Your Video

The intro should be in the first minute of your video since it is supposed to be an introduction to the video content. Auto playing video on YouTube can be irritating for some people so you should never enable auto play on your video. Many people like to open multiple tabs when surfing the web. If he opens your video on YouTube and then go ahead to open another tab, he may get annoyed and try to determine where the sound comes from. If he wants to watch it, he will manually click the play button by himself.

Don’t Cut Back on the Intro Quality

It is important that you don’t overlook the quality of your intro. If your intro is not quality, people will get an impression that the rest of the video will be the same. This is why you need to make sure the photo and video clips you use for the intro have good quality.

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