GB Instagram

Developers can make an insane number of changes in any app they lay their hands on. But one might think why someone would want to make changes to an already developed app and why not create a new one. Well, it is all a business. If they provide the much-demanded features of an already famous app, people from all over the world will download it because they are aware of the app name. And these developers can earn from some ads placed in the apps.

While on the other hand, if they plan to develop and launch a new app it will take a lot of efforts to market it and still not guarantee that it will be a hit or not. Gb Instagram APK was developed on some similar grounds. But it does not mean that this app just contains ads and some minor improvements. People who have modded the application have worked really hard and provided the users with some real value. Some of the changes made by developers in the GB Instagram app are:

  1. You can hide your id from people without even blocking them. They will not be able to see your posts and stories but they can look up for your name in the search box. So they never come to know that you have “denied” access to them and they will always think of it as some kind of bug in Instagram.
  2. Sometimes when we play a video, by default it doesn’t start with the audio and if there is something important in the beginning we may have to wait for the video to the end and begin again to hear what we missed in the first time. This issue can be taken care of easily by using GB Instagram app because you can make changes in settings to play the video with audio by default.
  3. People were tired of taking screenshots of all the cool posts they wished to save to their collection so this issue was solved by providing a download button for all photos and videos uploaded by anyone you follow on Instagram.
  4. In the latest update of Instagram, you can zoom into photos but what if we told you that with the help of Gb Instagram APK you can also zoom into videos as well as stories uploaded by anyone.
  5. You can use Instagram in various cool themes of your choice and get rid of that boring Instagram theme. You can also change the theme for individual conversations which means that each conversation can have a different theme and the layout will have a different theme.

So, these are some of the modification provided in the GB Instagram app for Android now let us learn to download it on our Android phone. Just follow the method below step by step.

  • Download the Gb Instagram APK file from the mirror links that we have provided below.
  • Once downloaded, they will appear in the download section of your phone.
  • From there, just install the app and enjoy.

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