So here are some apps that you couldn’t find in play store. And are many powerful apps beyond your imagination?


If you are searching for an alternative of Google Playstore than here, it is. F-Droid is a free and open source software (FOSS); where you can download apps very similar to play store. As F-Droid is a free application so you can get free apps on the store as well. As some apps and games, some movies, songs if you want to download and enjoy then you have to pay for that on Google Play Store. But in F-Droid you can get it whole free. You choose any apps and games that all will be free. F-Droid also informs you if any updates are coming to your installed apps. So you can easily update them.

Xposed Installer

If you have been bored of your stock ROM and want a bit or much customized ROM, which looks better to you. Or want to use your android 100%. Or might be you wanted to give your android a superpower. Then this module can help you out. Xposed Installer requires root level access to your device to customize at the core level (only if rooted). Otherwise, you can make small adjustments. You can customize each and every section of your device; can restrict permissions to any app (system apps as well as others).


If you are bored of using WhatsApp and need a bit more features than there is a killer app called GBWhatsapp. GBWhatsapp is a mod of official Whatsapp, which is developed by Omar, who is a senior XDA member. GBWhatsapp is based on WhatsApp Plus, which is again a mod of official WhatsApp. And that is closed by WhatsApp Inc. GBWhatsApp has much more features as compared to default WhatsApp such as – you can change appearance and extended file sharing sizes. In official WhatsApp, you can only share 30-sec video status, but in gbwhatsapp, this is also increased, and many more features are there.


If your phone is rooted and got infected with ads, everywhere, you got ad pop-ups. And you got bored of skipping those ads. However, here is the solution for that. Here is the app called AdAway. By which you can block or remove any type of ads from your device permanently. This app can remove any types of ads whether it is banner ads, interstitial ads, full-screen ads, video ads, responsive ads, etc. So install AdAway and get rid of ads.

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Popcorn Time

If you are a Netflix user with subscription video streaming, then here is an alternative app called Popcorn Time. Popcorn time is a software, which is based on bit torrent client and peer-to-peer connection. It also has an integrated media player where you can stream movies for free. You can download movies. You can access all torrent sites and download Medias. So here you don’t have to take any subscription pack all is free. But in some country this app is illegal. So before using once Google it on your region. You can check out its Github repository.

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