Best Subtitles for Kodi:-  This article describes how to utilize the subtitle add-on and understand the software so that it will help you in downloading the best software add-ons. There are many subtitle add-ons for Kodi’s latest version where only a few are chosen as the best among them. In order to understand the content that anyone is watching subtitle makes your job easy, convenient and enjoyable. These play a major role in multimedia contents. While watching it on a normal player you just have to download the subtitles form the internet and attach it to the file or the video that you are watching. But when you are accessing it through the Kodi’s software, you will have to follow the steps where below mentioned ones are one of the best subtitle add-ons that Kodi has. Once this software has been set up, one can enjoy this feature for all the contents.

These Are The Best Subtitles For the Contents Of Kodi Player


The information mentioned in this article is from the official website. Kindly go through the official website for any further information. The website has the required information where it displays the contents that you one to watch along with the subtitles.

  • OpenSubtitles (Unofficial Version)

These links are the ones that have the required content in them and make you access to the required.

  • Podnapisi

This is also a subtitle add-on software that attracts users to use this app and makes accessing the content easier and possible for everyone to watch and understand.

  • XBMC Subtitles

This is the main software where the manufacturers focused on developing this application.

  • Addic7ed

Recently, to make the users buy the premium offers of this software and also to access the content with a better quality, the manufacturers have come with a unique idea of adding themes and colors. Where color enhances the property of attracting the vision.

Below mentioned websites are the best-suggested ones for subtitle service for Kodi software.

These are the Best Subtitle Service for Kodi (Best Subtitles for Kodi)

  • DivxPlanet

DivxPlanet address that constitutes one of the most concrete proofs that the subtitle sharing cannot be prevented. This is a good quality Turkish subtitling site that strives to survive the chaos that has arisen due to repeated uploading of the same subtitle found in ( it is mentioned according to the reviews from the official website).

Search and download subtitles from Super Subtitles (

  • Subdivx

It is the website that has the same facilities and features just like the ones mentioned above.

  • BSplayer

It is one of the best free media players in the world. More than 70 million computer users throughout the world are using BS.Player™  and it has been translated into more than 90 languages. It can be used to download and playback any YouTube video and to download subtitles.

  • Subscene

All the website links that have been mentioned above are the ones that have huge competition among themselves where sub scene software is similar to subdivx application according to the official website.

Take a Look At Kodi on HBO & Kodi On Xbox 360 & Vidup me pair

How to Download & Add Subtitles Addons Kodi On Kodi Player Krypton V17.x

  • Open Kodi Player [Krypton 17.6/17].
  • You will find a Gear icon on the Top of the screen and it represents the Settings. Kindly Select Settings.
  • Now from the Tile of Menus available, Choose Player Settings.
  • Select Languages option that is available in the Left pane of the Player Settings.
  • Scroll down and locate the section “Download Services“.
  • There you will find “Languages to download subtitles for” option.

 Best Subtitles for Kodi to download languages

  • A Popup of Languages to download subtitle will now open.
  • Scroll the list of Languages available and Choose your Language. Here we will use “English”. Now we have chosen the Language for the Subtitle.
  • The Next Step is to Assign Subtitle Package to the Multimedia Service. Go to Default TV show service
  • Choose to Get more.
  • Scroll the list of Subtitle Packages and click Open by OpenSubtitles and Install it
  • Now click the Default Movie service. Select the Same subtitle package option again.
  • Default Movie Service
  • Now we have configured Subtitles for Kodi Player.
  • Now start the show.
  • While watching a Multimedia content then select the Subtitle icon.
  • Subtitles Popup will open now. Select Download option from that now.
  • Then Subtitle Package will show the list of Subtitle files. Choose the one that you feel convenient.
  • Choose Subtitle Package and That’s it, Friends. Now your Multimedia Content will be playing with Subtitles.

The above given is the process to add Subtitles and open Subtitles in your Latest Version Kodi Player that is Kodi Krypton 17.3 & 17.4. The Steps are really simple to follow.

  • After the Configuration as per the above steps, you can easily get Subtitles Kodi by simply Choosing Subtitle icon while watching the multimedia on Kodi.

How To Install or Add Subtitles Manually on Kodi Player V17.x

  • Open Kodi Krypton and Choose Settings.
  • Select Player Settings & Now choose Languages
  • Scroll down to Download Services and Select Custom Subtitle Folder.
  • Now Browse for the folder where the Subtitle Zip is there and Click
  • When you play the Multimedia content then you can enable your Subtitle file.
  • Manually Search for Subtitle in Kodi Player
  • When you are watching a Multimedia and if you manually search for a Subtitle in Kodi Player itself then Select Subtitle icon when the Multimedia is playing.
  • Now Choose Download option.
  • It will open a pop-up window.
  • On the Right panel, you will get an option called as Manual String. Select that
  • After entering the Multimedia name for which you need the Subtitle, Click OK.
  • If the Subtitle is available then Kodi Player will show it. It will open the subtitles if you select it.

The conclusion of Subtitles Add-ons For Kodi 

The above-mentioned articles content credit entirely goes to the official website where everything has been mentioned in an orderly manner and in a clear-cut way. We made it even simpler for everyone to understand in an even easier way. For further queries regarding the content or the article, kindly go through the official website.

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