Confused as to which browser to use for streaming on Roku TV? That is a common dilemma a lot of Roku TV users have trouble figuring out. 

Roku has become a popular content provider when it comes to streaming various series and movies and using a web browser makes it even easier to access. 

We all know how well-known Chromecast has become in terms of screencasting but for users who are unable to access the device, we have provided you with the best 5 picks for internet browsers for Roku TV.

Does Roku Have A Web Browser?

Luckily, the developers of Endangered screens have finally introduced access to web browsers on Roku TV to surf the internet with ease. This way you can enjoy various categories of entertainment ranging from sports, news, movies, finance, etc.

6 Internet Browsers For Roku

We have made a compilation of the 5 top picks of web browsers to be used on the Roku TV. read below to know more:

1. Web Browser X

internet browser on roku


Web browser X is the best pick for surfing the internet on Roku which comes with a monthly subscription to be accessed by Roku TV users. It is officially available on the Roku store so it is completely safe and authorized to be used with it.

Being fully compatible with your Roku remote, you are provided with awesome features like easy to understand and navigate user interface, accessible sites which are already attached to the web browser such as news and weather reports as well as the option to bookmark your favorite sites to be visited again instead of searching over and over.

Web Browser X may be a good choice for simply surfing across information in the browser as it lacks a lot when it comes to streaming videos on YouTube or any other social media. 

Plus point is, new Roku users can easily make out how the browser works so there is nothing complicated about it at all.

2. The Roku Channel


The Roku Channel offers free and premium web browsing right from your Roku TV. offering a wide variety of media services that one can ask for, you can navigate through everything that involves surfing on the internet to video playback on various applications.

It provides you with massive features including viewing news, entertainment, and sports pages as well as collective seamless streaming of all the shows you have on your wishlist.

All the contents are taken from Yahoo so you will be provided with all the up-to-date programs, series, and movies you’d like to watch from your couch. To access the Roku Channel, you need to subscribe to its premium plan for all the services it provides.

3. Web Video Caster

browse internet on roku


It has become a major competitor to Roku itself when it comes to providing all the web services one can ask for. 

Web video caster is a versatile browser that lets you enjoy your everyday task ranging from binge-watching TV shows to support all the video formats available so you will not face any problem when it comes to streaming a different video.

Apart from this, the browser provides instantly downloadable subtitles in the language you want which you can easily choose from the subtitle tab present. Furthermore, it allows you to navigate across your browser, check your history, create shortcuts on the home screen as well as bookmark your favorite site.

With such great features, it surely makes the best choice for a web browser needed on Roku TV.

4. Media Browser


One of the best choices for dealing with large websites with loaded information, the Media browser works smoothly on your Roku TV without giving you any trouble.

As mentioned in the name, the Media browser can handle any format of the video you want to stream so you need not worry about any content being unplayable on your Roku TV. This makes this browser a great pick for users who want to restrict their browsing to media only.

Apart from this, it also includes the feature of live streaming as well as a media slideshow to see pictures and short clips. You can easily download the Media browser from your Roku store without needing some external source to get it so it is a plus point of this browser.

The only drawback it has is that the Media browser needs to be installed on your network for it to work which may be a bit challenging to deal with.




The third choice of web browsers available solely on the Roku store, POPRISM offers you a minimalistic approach to your internet surfing from your TV. 

With easy navigation from page to page and simple typings required to search up information, it is a very basic browser any Roku TV user can use without having to deal with complicated processes and steps.

Being a completely textual-based browser, it is fast and efficient when comes to finding web information. 

The negative mark for this browser comes with its entire JavaScript-based programming it is limited to its work as it can offer only a few searches here and there or else you may expect a good crashing of the browser. 

6. Xfinity



A full powerhouse of a web browser, Xfinity offers all the information you want to get regarding media and video. 

It is regarded as an average web browser that provides enough features that make it a good choice for users who do not have browsers available from the Roku store directly. 

It gives you the freedom of streaming various categories of entertainment ranging from videos, movies, songs, and series according to your liking. Since it is completely based on streaming, the features provided by an actual browser lacks when it comes to Xfinity.

Other than that, it is a great choice for users who wish to use it solely for streaming and one can also get more channels available after subscription so quite a good browser to work on Roku TV.

Bonus Tip: Screen Cast via Android

An alternative to using limited access of a web browser on Roku TV is by screencasting via an android device. It is a completely safe and harmless method to get more features out of a web browser. 

This way, you can easily share your android’s screen on the Roku TV and access your favorite web browsers directly from your TV or phone. As simple as it sounds, all you have to do is connect your Roku TV to your android. 

To do so, follow the steps listed below:

  • Go to the settings option on your phone.
  • Go to connected devices
  • Select on pair a device
  • Pair your Roku TV with your phone.

This way you can gain access to any web browser from your android itself. However, one should note that this feature is only available on android and not iPhones so it may be the only drawback to this method.


Every Roku TV user may want to make their television more of a smart device with the availability of web browsers and it is quite a great way to find quick searches directly from your TV.

In this article, we have discussed with you the 6  best Web browser for Roku TV and hope that it has been helpful for you to figure out the perfect choice for you!

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