iPhone Apps

iPhone Apps

Whether you have picked a new iPhone or just looking for app revamp, there are many apps that must be on your iPhone home screen. These apps include everything like from navigation to messaging, social networks, stargazing, organization, payment apps and much more. These pieces will turn your iOS device into a pro-level computing machine with high-tech and advanced features.

Some must have apps for iPhone users –

Spotify – Best music app for iPhone users, Spotify is new in the market and easy to use. There are so many music apps that you can pick from the store, but out of all others, Spotify is just perfect. This app delivers premium services to all the users and offers millions of songs with huge music network. Spotify can give the best experience that you will never forget.

Fooducate – This is one of the best and must have the app that every iPhone user install in their phone. Fooducate app helps you in scanning barcode of any eatable plus you can even view grade. The database of this app helps in grading the food items depending on everything like controversial ingredients to calories and more. It can even give you a clear picture of what the buyer is actually buying. This app explains why food items have some particular grade and even educate users on the health value of items.

Cab booking app – At some or other point you will definitely need a cab and in such a situation, a cab booking app is going to help you a lot. This will help in saving your time and money both. There are many apps which you can download and one of them is Lyft. So, yes this is another app that every iPhone user must install in his or her phone.

Spy app – This is something that you cannot afford to miss at all. All iPhone users should install a Snapchat spy app as it is helpful in many ways. With help of spy app, you can keep track of your loved ones whom you are suspicious about that whether they are going on the wrong track. A good spy app can help you in getting web history, emails, messages, contact details, hidden apps, passwords and much more.

Microsoft office – No Smartphone is complete without installing Microsoft office. PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, OneNote, and Excel are few Microsoft office apps which must be installed in your iPhone. These are the basic staples of an average computer used by humans. One of the main benefits of installing a complete Microsoft office package is that you can use any app at any time you want and there is no need of looking for your desktop. With Microsoft office subscription, you will get access to all the important files directly in your iPhone. Plus you can even create, share and edit documents in no time.

Thus, listed among are few best and must have apps that should be installed in your iPhone. Although, there are many more but above are worth investing in.

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