Hearing Testing

When and how often you should get a hearing test depends on several factors. Considering the profound impact that potential hearing loss and related issues may have on your social, school and work life, you should have no hesitation taking a few minutes out of your day to take the online hearing test.

Why Testing is Important

According to audiologists, it is important to consider screening and testing even if you have no real reason to be concerned about your hearing.

Some of the signs of hearing loss can be quite subtle and therefore easy to miss. What you may think is perfectly fine with your hearing, may not be and a hearing test can confirm the same. 

Hearing loss has also been linked to mood, as well as cognitive issues.  This issue can affect the quality of your everyday life, straining relationships both in your social circles as well as professionally. Again, if your hearing is affected, you will have a more challenging time maintaining effective communication which will, as expected affect your relationships and productivity at work and school.

A recent study has also tied hearing loss to an increased risk of conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, and especially in old age. These conditions can have a big impact on your overall health.

These and more reasons are why it is important to get your hearing tested regularly. Waste no time in scheduling one when you notice some of the worrying signs of hearing loss.

Signs of Possible Hearing Problems

Make a point of scheduling for a hearing test as soon as possible if you any one or more of the following signs

  • Conversations are generally muffled. When others speak, it seems like they are mumbling and they are not clear enough.
  • You are constantly asking others to repeat themselves or speak a little louder
  • You have difficulty deciphering consonant sounds. These sounds are made at a higher frequency compared to vowel sounds.
  • You have a hard time hearing people on the phone
  • You cant seem to hear well in settings where there is background noise, such as in restaurants.
  • You are always turning up the volume of the TV, radio, or car radio to such high levels others complain. You may also find that you always turn on the subtitles to help you enjoy films including top trending movies on netflix.
  • You confuse one word for another when others are speaking
  • Others point out that you are not hearing what they are saying

Routine testing

Newborns, infants and children in the school-going age bracket go through routine screening for hearing loss.

For adults, you should schedule a test if you notice the signs highlighted.  You should schedule testing at least every few years, or even every year if you

  1. Are an Older Adult:   Age-related hearing loss is quite common, affecting many older adults of all ages.  While there is no standard age at which an older adult should get their first hearing test, and how often they should get retested, 60 years is a good age to start, and you can  get the test redone every few years.
  2. Work in a Noisy Environment: Noise-induced hearing loss may affect people of all ages.  If you work in a noisy environment where you are regularly exposed that are louder than a threshold of 85 decibels, then ensure you get your hearing tested every few years. In way of prevention, ensure you wear the right protective gear, including ear muffs. The construction industry is particularly notorious for these high-level noises. If you are working in a manufacturing setting where loud machines are operating throughout your work-day, then consider yourself among this at-risk group which requires regular hearing testing.

Hearing Tests With Confirmed Hearing Loss

A hearing test may confirm what you suspect to be hearing loss, especially if you have been experiencing the outlined signs. That said, hearing tests are not just for people who suspect they may have hearing problems.

You should also get retested every now and then even if an initial hearing test confirmed your hearing loss. You and your hearing care provider can agree on just how frequently you should do the retesting.

For someone with confirmed hearing loss, you want to pay attention to any changes to your hearing even after the diagnosis. Hearing loss is dynamic and its not uncommon to experiences changes over time, be it for the better or not. The changes can be so subtle you may miss them, but those around you may catch the changes. However small the change may seem, ensure you get checked and take a test when you notice any changes in your hearing.

Again, you also want to do more than just getting your hearing retested. Your hearing aids also have to be checked and readjusted accordingly.  Based on the progression of your hearing loss, you may need to get your hearing aids replaced.  Again, it may be that your aids have become outdated and therefore don’t work as well, requiring replacement.  Again, how frequently you should have your hearing aids checked is something that your hearing care provider may be able to advise you on.

Don’t wait

It is crucial to catch hearing loss as early on as you possibly can.  Mild hearing loss may seem so harmless and not something to worry about, but there is no telling how the loss may progress. 

The good news is that you don’t have to worry too much about going to the doctor’s office. You can get the hearing test done online.

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