Download and install Camsurf

When comparing random chat sites, the question you have to ask is: how is this one different from all the rest? In the case of Camsurf, you’ll find the basics, but you’ll also get some extra features that set it apart from the pack. To start with, there are the standard unlimited video and text chats, which you can join for free with just a few clicks – no registration necessary. Then you have the international user base, which keeps the chats humming around the clock. 

Since anonymity is important to most random chatters, Camsurf ensures that your personal details are always invisible to everyone except you. Even if you make an account, there won’t be a public profile for other users to discover. 

The user experience is a priority for Camsurf, so they’ve included a community reporting system that keeps the typical chat site hooliganism to a minimum. The platform itself is lightweight and speedy, so you won’t experience delays due to a sluggish site. If you want to narrow down the pool of potential chat partners, simply use the location or language filters. Members get an additional gender filter, as well as a VIP badge that’s visible on-screen to their chat partners. Whether or not you’re registered, switching to text chatting won’t limit you to only users who are also text chatting; you can still be matched up with those who are video chatting too. 

Camsurf isn’t just available as a website; they also have an app for both Android and Apple devices. You’ll get similarly fast speeds, and an intuitive user experience just like on the website. The app is designed to take up a minimal amount of storage on your phone or personal device, and it’s absolutely free to download from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. And, just like on Camsurf’s website, you don’t have to be registered in order to chat – simply download and start meeting new people! The app offers all the same features as the website, like location and language filters, along with the convenience of being able to go wherever you do. 

Camsurf has been used by thousands of people from over 200 countries, so you know they must be getting something right. With a user-friendly layout, lightning-fast connection times, and site policies that support user safety, it’s pretty clear why Camsurf is the chat site of choice for so many people. 

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