It seems that almost every day we hear something about the up and coming 5G technology and how it will revolutionize our lives. But aside from even faster internet speeds, so that we can streamer higher definition versions of cat videos, and download files faster, what difference will 5G make to our lives?

5G promises to improve every element of data communication: increased bandwidth, faster performance, reduced latency, and a better reach. Each of these on their own can deliver new benefits to existing services, but will also drive revolutionary new use technologies in industries such as health care, autonomous vehicles, smart homes, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving cars and other vehicles have been around for a few years now, with giants like Google, Microsoft, and Tesla all working on their own versions. Although some trials on public roads have been conducted, one of the biggest drags on the development of the technology is that the cars have to interact with other humans on the road.

Thanks to the low latency of 5G, the technology will allow autonomous vehicles to communicate with other vehicles on the road, as well as smart sensors in the road, traffic lights, and elsewhere, all in just a millisecond. The benefits of this seamless communication will help to cut car accidents and ease congestion, as vehicles will be able to let each other know where they are, how fast they’re traveling and what their future intentions are at speeds 200 times faster than human beings. Here I want to tell you one more thing that while Internet Speed Test 5G performed extremely fine. You will feel surprised when you will use the network for the first time on your device.


Occasionally a story makes it into the headlines of national news outlets of a patient who has been denied treatment in their own country, or the surgery they need to stay alive is not yet available where they live. So, to give themselves the best chances of survival they raise many thousands of dollars and travel abroad for their life-saving treatment. This, however, does not come without risks.

Traveling long distances can be risky for anyone who is not in perfect health, so any way to minimize this need could help to save many lives and also save money. For some, time doesn’t allow travel, and they need lifesaving treatment immediately. 5G could be the solution to both of these problems. With low latency of communications using the technology, surgeries could be carried out remotely by robots that are controlled by human surgeons that are experts in their field.


Faster data transmission speeds have been important in the development of gaming services like Steam, where gamers are able to download huge blockbuster titles to play on their computer without the need for physical media like DVDs. 5G technology, which enables faster speeds, could allow for on demand streaming of games, allowing players to get into the action before the game has completely downloaded. Other benefits include better use of Virtual Reality technology and live streaming, these are technologies that have been very popular in the iGaming industry, with a number of online poker providers offering players the ability to immerse themselves in realistic 3D gaming environments. Faster internet speeds from 5G could allow many more services like this, with even better graphics and increased interaction.

There are many exciting benefits that could be delivered by 5G, many of which will not fully reveal themselves until the technology has been rolled out and matured. Regardless, it is an exciting period of time that we find ourselves in, as there are many possibilities in front of us.

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