Top Challenges of Developing an MMORPG

The genre, which has fallen in love with many who found the peak of its popularity in the middle of the two thousandth, is now living not the best years, and, probably, many people are now noticing it. The gaming industry is changing and entails new trends that are moving further and further away from the main ideas and principles of the mmorpg genre every day. Years go by, and the gaming audience is changing, changing the desires that they satisfy in games. In addition, the difficulty of developing such games and the difficulty of introducing new game mechanics also play a role.

Complexity of software

The first issue is that the program is quite difficult to use, especially for a novice game creator. You should provide more material than you would anticipate for anormalmultiplayer or singleplayer game by supporting (at a least) the client and server applications.

Difficulties of mechanics and market promotion

Even in a singleplayer RPG with the complexity of World of Warcraft, it would take years for professional teams to reach the same level: large expenditures in material, a lot of effort ahead of time and subsequently on balancing and testing the game. and some of the most intricate interactions found in any gaming genre These are commercial games, and while there are less of them, it still takes a lot of effort to develop a decent game before adding the extra effort to make it a good multiplayer game.

Providing quality multiplayer

MMORPG development is not trivial; There are big hurdles to overcome not only in latency, but also in cheat prevention, state management, and load balancing. If you are new to writing an online game, this will be a difficult learning exercise.

Continuous game support

Consider the cost of running it once it’s been developed as well as the cost of building it. Even a tiny online multiplayer game would require ongoing hardware and software improvements to keep up with demand, as well as people to run the game and provide assistance to its players.

Consider the following:

  • HostingWhere will the servers be housed? What method will you use to pay for bandwidth? How will you spread the playersbalance among the servers and prevent a small group of players from monopolizing the game’s resources? To ensure that your game continues to function well, you’ll need someone to keep an eye on the hardware and software that hosts it.
  • Technical support include not only the launch of the game, but also the resolution of player disputes and the processing of user feedback in order to maintain player loyalty. If you charge money (for example, for a subscription), the billing system will be considerably more complicated (and will very certainly need legal help, foreign representation, and bank/processing costs). People who undertake these activities require remuneration.
  • Securitynot just for their gaming accounts, but also to prevent cheating, as well as periodic fixes and community help when players uncover new weaknesses.

The complexity of developing unique mechanics

Due to the fact that more and more content in games became every day, a new problem slowly surfaced, which was shown on the horizon even at the peak of the genre’s popularity. By releasing new additions and increasing the maximum level, the developers threw more information and mechanics to new players, which every day more and more repelled them. And they can be understood, because in order to join the stream of already experienced players and start mastering the content together, it was necessary to study the game, which was not small even at release. Many potential new players were pushed away by that big mountain, which had to be climbed in order to get the desired things only at its top.


And so, superimposing one problem on another, the genre was slowly approaching the dead end in which it is now. New players almost never come, and it becomes more and more difficult to keep old players with already boring mechanics every day. New mechanics appear less and less every day and often move further and further from the canons of the genre, making more and more content, the passage of which absolutely does not require at least some kind of social interaction, which completely contradicts the original concept of the genre. If you are ready to face all the difficulties of developing and supporting games and want to see a unique concept that will be interesting to new users, then the professionals here will help you create a competitive game: .



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