From the perspective of a person looking to keep Alzheimer’s disease at bay, there are several interesting things you should note about the brain-training phenomenon. First, it has emerged that most of the scientific claims that support the idea of increasing your intelligence using brain-training apps are actually based on flawed studies and limited evidence that objective scientists have called into question. 

The same objective scientists, however, haven’t widely raised doubts about the effectiveness of brain-training apps in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease as well as dementia. The reason why is because there’s some good evidence that suggests that the apps can do just that. 

If you would like to transform yourself into the next Einstein, playing brain-training games could be a waste of time. However, if you would like to keep Alzheimer’s disease at bay by keeping the neural connections in the brain strong, or try memory training for seniors, then playing games that challenge your mental ability and working memory can be a critical part of your plan in addition to getting enough sleep, eating a diet that’s rich in nutrients, and exercising several times weekly. 

Here are 8 brain-training games with mostly positive reviews: 


Lumosity is found in both the Android Play Store and iOS Store as a free app. It offers a continuously expanding set of scientific and cognitive games designed to stimulate your brain and improve your working memory every day. Part of what the games have been designed to do is improve your ability to pay attention to the right things (i.e. things to help you solve the task at hand) while learning to ignore the things that do not help. The app is one of the most popular ones when it comes t brain-training games and is used by over 60 million users. 


Dakin describes itself as a “brain fitness app” and it offers users a set of puzzles and games designed to help give the brain a complete workout. With the app, you enjoy access to over 100 individual brain exercises, all targeted towards improving concentration and attention – simply put, the kind of mental tasks that have been shown to play a part in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease along with related symptoms. You can try out Dakim free of charge on its official website. 


Clevermind differs from other brain-training games since it is targeted specifically towards those already suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The app goes beyond simply a collection of games. As any caregiver will say, managing a person suffering from Alzheimer’s goes beyond providing them mental exercise. To that end, Clevermind has dietary, medical, and social tools, all presented in an interface that’s easy to read that also has a digital assistant that speaks in a voice like Siri’s. You can find Clevermind in the iOS App Store. 

Brain Fitness 

Brain Fitness is available for free in the iTunes store and gives users access to various fun and well-designed games designed by neuroscientists. Users have the ability to track progress and even conduct a cognitive assessment for a start. If you are a competitive person, you can also challenge your friends., which is not only fun, but also an excellent way to finally prove that you are the smartest among them. 

Brain Metrix 

Brain Metrix is a free web service designed to help you “train the brain”. It offers a large collection of color, concentration, memory, spatial intelligence, IQ, and creativity games that help get the brain in tip-top shape. If you are interested in playing games that strengthen the fitness of your brain in ways that can help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s you will find tasks and games in Brain Metrix that fit the bill. 

Brain Trainer 

Brain Trainer is available in both the iTunes store and Google Play in both free and Pro versions. It is a very popular app with one of the biggest collections of brain-training games such as math games, language games, speedy shape games and many others. Best of all, you can customize your gaming experience to your personal goals: attention, memory, problem solving, and attention. 

Fit Brains Trainer 

Fit Brains Trainer is designed to help you “enhance memory, brain speed, and focus” by offering you access to over 360 puzzles and games. The app is smartly designed to become more challenging as you get better so that there’s always a challenge in front of you and never wanting for a way to give the brain a positive workout. You will find the app in both the iOS App Store and Google Play. 


Eidetic has a tagline that’s broad and specific at the same time: “Learn and remember anything.” According to scientific studies of how the brain learns have unequivocally demonstrated that repetition is the secret to getting new pieces of information to be designated for long-term storage in a person’s memory. Eidetic uses a technique known as “spaced repetition” to help you learn and recall all kinds o interesting facts and words. It is available as an iOS App for iPads and iPhones. 

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