The internet has made it easier to buy a watch you want. But still, with all the convenience, it can still be challenging, especially when you have to be wary not to fall on the hands of counterfeiters. Finding a trustable company or sellers is also another huge challenge, watch collectors face. However, there are trusted and safe online sites that have made online buying much easier.

Here is a list of the 10 best places to buy a watch online.

  1. The Watch Company

As the name suggests, The Watch Company is one of the best sites where you can buy your watch. The site stocks a variety of watches from Seiko watches, Rolex, Omega, and many other models from high-end brands.

The good thing about this site is that its watches are inspected and are bought directly from the brands worldwide which mean you can get high-quality watches at affordable prices there.

Another great thing is that the staffs are multilingual which makes it easy to serve all customers around the globe.

  1. eBay

eBay is also another market place you can buy vintage and new watches as well. But when buying a watch on eBay, you must do enough research on the watch model you want. This way you will be able to know whether the watch is authentic.

The best thing about eBay is that you can bid products to make your purchase less costly. In this case, you can search for watches that can be bid on or purchased. Once you have found your watch, you pay through PayPal. This is a safe and secure payment method since you do not have to enter your personal information online.

  1. Amazon

Amazon is the leading online market currently. The platform offers a wide selection of watches some of which you may not find them on other platforms. Their prices are also competitive.

The greatest thing about buying your watch on Amazon is that you rest assured of genuine watch. Another good thing about Amazon is there promotions which made throughout the year which makes prices of products more affordable.

  1. Rolex Passion Market

If you are a lover of watches, you must agree that vintage Rolex watches are one of the most enjoyable. But as mentioned above that getting authentic watches online can be challenging, especially with the plethora of counterfeiters, you need to be careful not to fall prey.

Rolex Passion Market is a website that stocks vintage Rolex watches. The staffs are also experts which makes buying vintage watches less stressful and more enjoyable there.

  1. Watchismo

I believe if you happen to come across this site, even before you are told what it’s all about, you can tell it from the name. Watchismo is a site that is reputable when it comes to selling high-end and ordinary watches. The site stocks a great selection of watches which are updated regularly. This means you will always find a watch for yourself that will match your size, outfit, and budget. If you want funky, special, and cool watches, then this site is for you.

  1. Watch

No list of the best places to buy watched online can go without mentioning Mr. Watch and there is a reason for that. This site is known to sell luxury, authentic and new watches. This means you will not find refurbished watches there. If you buy from them, rest assured of quality watches and nothing else.

Their return policy is also remarkable. Here, you will find a great selection of new watches from leading brands.

  1. The Watch Hut

The Watch Hut is one of the leading UK online watch stores today. The store was launched in 2005 and lists more than 10000 watches from a variety of brands. Their prices are also competitive and they offer overseas shipping.

The greatest thing about this online watch store is that they are authorized by the watch brands they sell. This means if you buy a watch there, you get an authentic timepiece which is 100% guaranteed by the manufacturers. You can pay using your credit card or PayPal.

The Wrap Up Thoughts

As we come to the conclusion of this post, we would like to encourage you to research for your type and watch model before you head over to any of these online watch stores. The research will help you to know how to distinguish between a counterfeit and authentic watch.


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