Tips to Redoing Your Guest Bedroom

If you’ve been in your home for a while, your guest bedroom may need some upgrading. From the décor to the comfort level it provides, updating your guest room can make a world of difference so that you can feel proud offering it to friends or family. Here are a few ways you can redo your guest bedroom: 

Update the bed

If you have had the bed for a while, you may need to consider upgrading the mattress. After many years of use, it may not provide the kind of comfort that makes for a good night of sleep. The bedding should also be updated, especially if it’s a bit tattered from years of use. 

Plus, styles change, and if you want your bedroom to be fashionable and inviting, bedding makes a world of difference. As much as you may wash older bedding, it gets worn out with time, and that’s simply not a good look for any guest bedroom. 

Make it season friendly

If you really want to have your guest bedroom looking great for any guest that comes your way, whether for a holiday party or vacation, consider updating it for the season. This could include throw blankets for the love seat so your guests can relax with a good book during the winter or light colors for summer décor when the weather is warm. 

It could also look like a box fan for those guests who are warm-blooded and always want the fan on, no matter the season. Warm, rich colors are great for the winter, while light and airy décor and bedding are nice for the summer months.  

Install wallpaper

Wallpaper can add a level of freshness to any room. Even if you don’t want to update the bed or change your furniture, you can simply add a backdrop of beautiful wallpaper to the wall behind the bed and see how it changes your space. There are many trendy options out there that will make the space more stylish and modern, so shop on different sites online or visit your local hardware or craft store for options. 

Add a bookshelf

A good book or two or 50 should be included in every guest bedroom. While your friend will probably be entertained on their visit, it’s always nice to get to bed with a good book. Plus,  incorporating a bookshelf in the bedroom with some excellent recommendations is a charming and ideal way to make your guest feel at home. 

A bookshelf or two also adds style to a bedroom, and there are so many ways you can incorporate it into the room. Order a shelf online or ask a local carpenter to help you design the perfect one for your room. 

Include the essentials

To make sure your guest has a great stay, make sure to set up an area where you can provide them with essentials. From toiletries to towels, it’s nice to provide your guest with things they don’t have to worry about. 

Set up a lovely area with a mirror and even a vanity desk so that they feel comfortable getting ready for any occasion in the guest room. Don’t forget to also include a TV, so your guests can watch the latest on Netflix

In Conclusion

A guest bedroom is where you want to incorporate comfort and style, especially if you hope to impress your guests. These simple things can make a difference, ensuring it looks amazing and inviting. Don’t forget to include all the essentials, such as a Roku TV with Netflix or Hulu and books for your guests to enjoy!

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