Many young professionals nowadays dream to develop a strong career in information technology and become experts in this field. Apart from a higher salary, getting a job in IT will also bring you higher recognition and a stronger reputation. Moreover, there are plenty of job offers in IT available on the market and many employers are looking for certified candidates. Cisco is one of those organizations able to help IT specialists move further in their careers by offering various certification levels for everyone. The CCNA R&S credential is exactly what you need if you want to learn more about next-generation technologies. The Cisco 200-125 exam is one of the necessary exams which you will need to pass to get this accreditation. This article has been created to help you become an expert in network fundamentals here .

You can’t go wrong with Cisco as a global vendor in providing IT certifications

Have you ever wondered why IT professionals choose Cisco instead of other vendors to obtain the necessary accreditation for their job? Cisco comes with a variety of opportunities for anyone who wants to learn more about information technology. It is a recognized IT vendor, dedicated to offering IT credentials to anyone interested to pursue a career in this area. Cisco’s team carefully analyzes the current job market trends and needs and adapts its certifications and learning tools accordingly. Therefore, since it was created, Cisco managed to train some of the top performers in information technology worldwide.

This article focuses on explaining how to obtain the CCNA R&S certification and pass its related exam – 200-125. So, let’s move to it.

Everything you need to know about the Cisco 200-125 exam

200-125 exam leads to getting the CCNA R&S credential which is one of the accreditations available at the associate level. The exam is aimed to check your networking skills to complete the tasks that relate to network solutions. To pass the exam you should know and have skills in the following:

  • Network fundamentals
  • In-depth details about LAN switching technologies
  • What IPv4 and IPv6 routing technologies mean and how you can apply them
  • WAN technologies as well as infrastructure services, security, and management

The candidates aiming to obtain the CCNA R&S certification will have only 90 minutes to solve 60 – 70 items. One of the options for obtaining this accreditation is taking 200-125 CCNA exam. The other option would be to take both 100-105 ICND1 and 200-105 ICND2 exams. However, the first option remains the most popular. Instead of taking two exams, each of them with a consistent set of questions, it becomes easier and more efficient to enroll for the CCNA 200-125 test and get your certificate. Note, that 200-125 exam will cost you $325, while tests 100-105 and 200-105 are available at the price of $165 per each.

Who is eligible to obtain the CCNA R&S certification?

The only requirement for 200-125 exam is the age. Cisco has a very strict privacy policy when it comes to the minimum age the candidates should have. Therefore, if you are over 18 years old, then you can enroll for this exam. You won’t need any consent from your parents or tutors to do it. However, if you are below 18 years, but over 13, then Cisco will ask you for the written consent from your legal tutor, might he/she be your parent or someone else.

What is the validity of Cisco CCNA R&S certification?

The CCNA R&S credential is valid for three years since the accreditation date. If you want to keep using this certification in your career path, then you will have to renew it before the expiry date. In this case, you have the following options available:

  • Pass another exam for associate-level, except for ICND1, or
  • Take any of the exam codes starting with 642-XXX or 300-XXX, designed for professional-level, or
  • Succeed in taking any 642-XXX Cisco exam for specialists, or
  • Take CCIE or CCDE written or practical exams,
  • In case you have obtained a lower certification than associate then you will need to obtain the approval coming from CCAr board review Cisco and get good feedback in a Certified Architect interview.

Obtain the highest score in 200-125 Exam with ExamSnap

Cisco is a preferred vendor for its extremely useful learning resources put at the candidate’s disposal. So, it won’t become difficult to pass 200-125 exam as long as you take a close look at the Cisco website. You can either enroll for one of the online classes or save the study guides and organize your schedule for self-study. Cisco also has well-prepared trainers which are at the candidates’ disposal to help them get more information on their desired certifications.

ExamSnap is another valuable resource which you can use to prepare for the CCNA 200-125 test. With only $39.97 you will receive a verified list of questions and answers which will help you get a higher score. Moreover, in this package, you will also receive a study guide and a training course to ensure your success in obtaining the CCNA R&S certification. Moreover, you can always download free VCE files for 200-125 exam available at ExamSnap. These files are the most updated ones, as they are uploaded by the real test takers. Thus, using ExamSnap study material is a great way to define the weak areas you need to focus on and enhance your exam preparation.


The advantage of obtaining the CCNA R&S credential is an extended knowledge of information technology and increased visibility at your workplace. This is your opportunity to show your employers that you have the right skills and knowledge to become an IT expert. In addition, you can take advantage of the valuable resources put at your disposal by Cisco and ExamSnap. You can buy the necessary materials at discounted prices and enjoy an incredible learning experience by collaborating with Cisco trainers.


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