If your lawn is of a three-fourths acre, then a Self-Propelled mower will perform flawlessly. A Self-Propelled mower will not cause fatigue as I case of a push mower. It comes with the front as well as rear wheel drive so that you can use it on all types of lawn. You can see a great lawnmower Greenworks 25302 review on

Some features of a Self-Propelled Mowers

  • The starting system of the mower is the most important feature that helps in starting the lawn mower easily, and the work gets started correctly. This will ensure you get a hassle-free experience of mowing your lawn.
  • The starting system for mowers that are electric does not require pull starts at all. You need to prime the engine and give a quick start to the mower by turning the key. This type of start is dependable and requires no maintenance.
  • Automatic mower starting with the help of choke system comes with a starter rope. These are ready to start mowers. You must apply the safety handle to free start the machine without any hassle. You can thus eliminate choking and priming.
  • The primer system for starting pumps the required amount of gas in the carburetor of the mower so that you can start the engine by a single pull.
  • Nowadays one does not use choking or priming to start a mower manually. You have to pull the rope and start mowing. This has improved the speed of mowing.

Tips for mowing safely

According to several studies, there are thousands of injuries caused to people across a country for not maintaining the guidelines for safe mowing. There are a massive number of people who are treated in hospitals each year for operating their lawn mower unsafely.  Even kids get injuries, and maximum of them are under 15 years of age.

Following are some essential guidelines that will help you to stay safe while using a lawnmower:

  1. You must put on your eyewear for protection.
  2. You must consider mowing your lawn in the daytime as the grass is dry during this period.
  3. Clean your yard first so that there is no debris or sharp object left behind. Debris can cause harm if you mow over them.
  4. Your children and pet should stay at a safe distance from the lawn while you mow it.
  5. You must be careful with the starter rope while you start the machine and not let it snap in the backward direction.
  6. Keep your eyes nearly three feet ahead while mowing the lawn.
  7. Your mower should have its four wheels on the ground while mowing and you should not tilt it.
  8. You must be extra cautious while mowing hills. You should move across the hill while mowing it.
  9. You must turn off the engine while crossing a driveway or a sidewalk else it might damage the blades of your mower.
  10. You must remember to turn off the engine of your mower while adjusting the height of the mower, removing the grass catcher, cleaning the grass chute, replacing any part or repairing any damaged par. You must cross check the power button to stay on the safe side.
  11. When you repair the mower, start with removing the spark plug along with turning off the engine.
  12. You should not deactivate the safety devices.
  13. While mowing, you must not pull the mower towards own-self
  14. Keep yourself away from the hot engine. The temperature can reach up to a temperature of 1200˚F.
  15. Go through the mower operating manual before you start using your lawnmower.
  16. Children who are below the age of 12 must not operate a self-propelled mower.


Using this self-propelled lawn mower is very easy. You have to walk with the mower to control its direction and the rest you can leave it on the mower. This lawn mower always performs satisfactory work.

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