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Roku has expanded the horizons of streaming content, by allowing us to stream content on our television thereby converting televisions into Smart TVs. Though streaming content through Roku is usually a smooth process, there can be a few hiccups in between.

One such problem that was noticed by users was that their Roku volume control was not working. This means that if they tried controlling the volume of the content on the television through the remote it would not change.

If you are facing a similar problem and your Roku Volume Control Not Working then read through this article. In this article, we will discuss in detail various troubleshooting methods that will help you fix this problem.

Why is Volume Not Working on Roku Remote?

There are various reasons why your Roku remote volume control is not working and one of them is a simple technical glitch or error that tends to happen with electronic devices.

Other reasons include

  • Having a lot of other devices connected to your television. This could hamper the connectivity between the television and the remote.
  • Your brand of television does not support Roku devices. If the brand of television you are connecting the Roku device to is not compatible the remote will have problems.

How to fix Roku Remote Volume Control Not Working

  1. Open the Remote

The first thing to check when your volume button on the Roku does not work is to check the physical remote itself. You need to first ensure that the hardware is not the cause of the problem.

  1. Open the Roku remote and ensure that the batteries are working and are properly put into the device.
  1. Furthermore, you can dismantle the remote in its entirety using a screwdriver. Please take care that you are careful throughout the process and keep all the parts of the remote in front of you and make note that none of them goes missing.

You also need to ensure that you are working in a clean and clear area. Our suggestion is to use a clean and empty table.

  1. Once you have dismantled the phone, use a clean scrap of cloth or soft tissue paper and clean each element separately. In doing so you will get rid of any dust particles that may have entered the remote. The dust in the device could be the cause of the problem.
  1. Once all the elements are clean, start assembling them back together.
  1. Once the remote is assembled try using it.
  1. The volume button on the remote should work properly now.

Also, check if your remote control is heating up. Sometimes, when the remote is being overused, it can heat up very quickly and this can cause problems in its functioning. If your remote is hot to the touch, do not continue using it. Wait until the remote cool down, only then resume using it.

  1. Check the connection between the Television and the remote

If the remote still does not work, in spite of no physical malfunctioning, the next reason for your problem could be the connection between the Roku device and the other devices connected to it.

  • Make sure that the devices that have been connected to the Roku device support the audio.
  • If you have multiple devices connected to the television or the Roku, they could be hampering the connection between the television and the remote. Just keep the devices that you require connected while disconnecting all the others.
  • If this is the first time you are connecting the Roku device then take note that the television brand that you have connected to the Roku device is one that supports the Roku device. It can be possible that the television you are using to connect to the Roku device might not be compatible and hence causing a problem with your remote.
  1. Check the Remote Settings

If your Roku volume control is not working on your remote, another method you can try is configuring the remote to the television again. This should flush out any error or technical glitch that might be causing the problem.

There are a few things you need to take note of before going ahead with this method.

  • First, ensure that you always use the remote with its head facing the television.
  • Secondly, ensure that the volume on the television is kept at a level that the sounds can be heard clearly.

Our suggestion would be to increase it a little higher than what you normally use for streaming content. Once this is taken care of you can go ahead with the steps written below.

  1. Go to the Home Page of Roku and find the option titled Check Remote Settings. Music will be played on the television.
  1. After that, there will be a dialogue box displayed on the screen that asks if you can hear the music from the television, press the Yes button.

If you cannot hear sounds from the television, one major reason could be that the volume of the television is too low. Increasing the volume on the television can help you hear the music better.

  1. Once you click yes, Roku will stop playing the music on the television, using different codes. similar to the previous step a dialogue box will appear, asking you if the music has been stopped.

If you cannot hear the music click on the option titled Yes. However, if you can still hear music playing from the television, this means Roku could not identify the specifics of the television you are using. If the music has not stopped for you, click on the option titled No.

  1. Once you click this option another message will be shown on the screen that asks you to enter the brand of the television you are using.
  1. Once you enter the name of your television brand. Roku will repeat the step all over again. The music will start playing and then if you hear it click on “Yes” in the dialogue box that appears.

Now the music should stop at the next step since Roku should have figured out the unique code for the television brand you are using. Once you click yes in the second step, the remote should be able to control the volume of your television.

  1. Repair your Roku remote to the television

If none of the other solutions seems to be working for you, another alternative troubleshooting method you can try is to repair the Roku remote to your television.

This ensures that any error that caused the volume control on your Roku remote to not work is no longer there. To repair the Roku remote to the television, follow the instructions written below.

  1. Connect both the Roku device and the television into their power sockets and switch the power on.
  1. Turn on the television, since the Roku device is connected to the television it will switch on simultaneously.
  1. On the television navigate on the Menu, till you find an option that is titled Source and select the option HDMI.
  1. Insert working batteries into the battery slot on the back of the remote.
  1. Make sure that when you are clicking the remote it is facing the television. Press any button on the remote. Clicking on the remote irrespective of the button automatically pairs the remote to your television.
  1. Your Roku remote is now paired to the television and should work without any trouble.

For Pairing an Enhanced Roku Remote

If you have an enhanced remote the instructions written below are the ones you should follow, as they have a specific pairing remote on the remote that helps you connect the remote with the television.

You need to start the pairing process by ensuring that the Roku remote does not have the batteries in it. If it does take the batteries out before you resume with the method described below

  1. Connect your television to its power source and turn it on, since the Roku device is connected to the television, it switches on simultaneously.
  1. When the television turns on, the Roku logo will be visible on the television screen. When you see this logo, insert the batteries back into the remote and press and hold the pairing button that is there on the remote. The pairing remote is found behind the remote within the battery compartment.
  1. If the pairing has worked you will receive a confirmation message on the screen that informs you that the pairing of the remote has been completed. If the confirmation is not displayed on your television screen, that means that the pairing has been unsuccessful.
  1. Do the method all over again to pair the remote properly


When the remote stops working it can create a lot of nuisance and ruin your watching experience. This article lists four different methods you can try to fix your Roku remote if the Roku volume control is not working.

First, you need to check to see that there are no hardware problems with the remote, next check different other factors that could be affecting the connection between the Roku remote, this includes removing extra devices that might be connected and checking whether your television supports your Roku device. If these do not work you can try reconnecting through the remote settings and repair the remote.

If none of these methods works for you, you can always contact the customer service support of Roku. They will guide and assist you through any further troubleshooting steps that you may need to take to resolve this problem.

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