roku not connecting to the wifi

Roku is a media streaming device that offers movies, tv shows, over a thousand channels for both the free pack as well as paid services, moreover, it is pretty straightforward to choose from and does not shoot your expenses out of budget.

To use Roku, the users have to connect the device to their television and use the Roku remote that comes with it. There have been, however, instances that users are not able to connect to their internet network.

If you are one such user, then this is the article for you. In this article, we will discuss the various factors that could have caused the problem, suggest solutions for the same, and answer frequently asked questions regarding this topic, so read ahead.

How to Identify Roku not connected to Wifi Issue?

There are different ways to know whether your Roku device is facing issues with the Wifi Connection.

  • There will be an mark, red in color to show that the network is not connected.
  • There will be an error message displayed that says Not Connected to the Internet.

Why does Roku device not connecting to the internet Occurs?

  1. The Wifi Router is kept Far away

Since the Roku device works on network connectivity the Wifi signal strength has a great impact on the working of the same. If the Wifi is kept too far away the strength of the signal can decrease greatly and the signal strength can also diminish due to physical obstructions that might be placed between the router and the Roku device.

If you are facing issues with Wifi connection try moving the Wifi router closer to your Roku device or the other way around. Moving them closer can improve wireless signal strength and improve network connectivity.

  1. Incorrect Password

Another reason for Roku not connecting to wifi could be when it is likely that you are using an incorrect or an older Wifi password that is not applicable to your current router anymore.

To check whether the password you are using is correct, look at the side of your Wifi router. The correct password should be written on the side of the router.

  1. Incorrect IP address

Though this is not the most common problem it can occur sometimes, your Roku could be set to a Manual setting which could be the cause of your troubles. To fix this change the address of your Roku to Automatic through Settings. Once this is done, restart your device and try connecting it again.

  1. Overheating of the Roku Device

It is also possible that your Roku device is facing network troubles because it is overheating. It is also possible that it overheats pretty frequently without your notice. Listed below are a few facts about the Roku device that you need to keep in mind regarding its cooling and heating features.

The Roku device has no fan built in to aid with cooling itself down. Therefore it is dependent on heat dissipation that occurs naturally through thermal conduction. This occurs through the plastic case that covers the Roku device and the air temperature and its immediate surroundings.

Since the Roku device is one without an active cooling facility it has a tendency to overheat, like all devices with no active cooling facility. When a device with a Wifi connection ability overheats one of the initial problems it faces is the wifi connectivity.

To check if your Roku is not working due to its temperature all you need to do is touch it. If it feels hot to the touch it is overheated. The solution is simple. To stop your Roku from overheating, just keep a fan aimed in its direction. This will aid in moving the air around, speeding up the cooling process.

Other Solutions

If the above-listed problems are not the cause of your worries, follow the ones listed below. The solution to getting your Roku device connected to your wifi is uncomplicated and quick. You do not have to be well-versed in technology as everyone can follow the simple instructions listed down below.

  1. Check the Internet Connectivity: The first and foremost thing you need to do is check whether the internet connection itself works properly. You can do this by connecting it to other devices to see if it connects and works.
  1. Restart your Roku device and your Router.

If your wifi is working soundly apart from the Roku connection, power cycling or hard rebooting as it is otherwise called can be your solution. Simply switch off your Roku box or stick and your router. Unplug both of them from their cables. Wait for approximately thirty seconds before turning them back on.


  1. If it is the wifi that’s the problem you can connect the Roku device via ethernet instead of the wifi and see if the problem still persists.
  1. Check to see if your Roku is on the proper settings, the instruction listed below will guide you through the same.
  1. Go to the Roku Home Menu.
  1. Go to the Roku Platform Secret Screen. To do this you need to click on a certain combination on the Roku Remote.

Click on the home button five times followed by clicking

  • The Fast forward button
  • The play button
  • The rewind button
  • The play button

And the fast forward button in succession and in the order listed above.

  1. On doing this the Roku Platform Secret Screen will open up. Now select the option titled System Operations Menu and then click on the option named Disable Network Pings.

Please note that if the option says Enable Network Pings, you do not need to do anything just leave it as it is.

  1. Click on the back option to go to the Home Menu.
  1. Select Settings
  1. Click on Systems
  1. Select the option titled About
  1. Choose System Restart.
  1. This will prompt a dialogue box for confirmation about the same.
  1. Check the DNS Settings

The DNS setting on your Router could be another reason why your Roku is not connecting to the internet. If your router starts using an internal DNS Server then the Roku gets disconnected from the internet connection. In order to fix this, you need to change the settings to a public DNS. Here are the steps to do the same.

  1. Log in to the Router. You can do this by typing in your IP address to the search bar on your web browser.
  1. Use the Router Admin and Username and password to log in.
  1. Go to its Settings option.
  1. Click the option titled DNS Settings.
  1. Change settings of DNS 1 (Preferred DNS server) to
  1. Change the setting of DNS 2 (Alternate DNS server) to
  1. Click the OK button in order to save the changes done


  1. Why does my Roku TV keep disconnecting from the internet?

The Roku Tv could be disconnecting from the WIfi network due to distance. DHCP settings or some system glitch. The first thing you need to do is check your Wifi ROuter to ensure that it is working and that it is close enough for the Roku device to pick up the signal.  

You can also try using an ethernet connection. However, sometimes this error can also occur due to a system glitch, just power cycle both your television and your wifi router by switching them off and turning them on after a few minutes.

Another reason could be that DHCP settings on your television could be disabled check the settings of your router and ensure you enable DHCP from the advanced settings option.


Those were our suggestions on how to fix the connection if your Roku device is not connecting to your Wifi network. We’ve mentioned four of the various reasons that might be causing the issue and how you can solve it.  We’ve also mentioned additional six solutions you can try if your connection is still not working. The Roku device works on Wi-Fi.

Ensure you have a working wifi connection and that the Roku device is connected to it, bring the devices closer to increase signal strength, or use an ethernet connection.

Other solutions include restarting devices to fix system glitches, checking the DNS settings on your router, ensuring your Roku device is not overheating, having the correct IP address and Wifi password, and disabling network pings on your Roku device.

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