3D modeling for mobile games

A professional and ambitious 3D modeler is a godsend for any company. Modeler performs key roles in creating games and designing and developing drawings, graphics, and other projects. The search will take time because everyone has their style and vision of the big picture, which may not exactly fit the requirements.

The direction of 3D modeling in developing mobile games attracts more and more creative people – artists, architects, and sculptors. 3D modeling is ubiquitous in the modern world, and it will only grow as a sought-after skill, which is the reason for the active development of various studios, freelancers, and outsourcing services. Finding a game modeler or studio is not as difficult as it seems. If you have been wondering where to look for 3D modelers, you will be surprised how simple, fast, and effective it is, using only 2 ways.

How to Hire a 3D modeler: Communication Everywhere

Still, if you want to find a game studio, you must first explore everyone and everything. As in any field, there are special forums where professionals can exchange their opinions, advice, and best practices and develop their knowledge in every possible way. The easiest way to do this is while on various forums, Discord and Telegram channels are also very popular now, or using YouTube, where you can find a lot of future candidates. But how to choose among 100 or 1000 YouTube channels or discord users with funny nicknames? Is it possible?

Oddly enough, the IT community is considered one of the friendliest, which will help a lot when searching. If you already have several options, you can ask for an assessment or a short review of the studio. You will be surprised how open people can be because there is no benefit in promoting this or that studio for them, so that the answers will be honest.

Often, you can meet many seniors, eminent designers, or studio representatives who do 3D modeling for mobile games. In this case, you can conduct research on the available options and immediately find the one you need.

Portfolios and Projects: Visual Research

The vacancy on the site is a kind of lottery since it is impossible to initially see the skills and experience of 3D modeling for video games specialists. To do this, you will have to schedule an interview with each candidate and conduct test work. As a result, you need to spend a lot of effort and work time, which does not guarantee that the right candidate will be found.

To already have an idea and look at a visual version of the work, you can decide on a potential option. After all, everything can also depend on the main points, such as the IOS game 3D modeling will differ from Android. Each author usually describes in detail all aspects of his work, what tools he uses, etc. This is done for potential employers (if the author is looking for a job) or for training beginners (if this is an artist who wants to share his experience). Therefore, even for the Android game 3D modeling, there is an artist if you take the time for this.


Regardless of which resource was chosen, it should be understood that only through personal experience can you find a good specialist. Among the proposed options, freelance platforms and professional forums remain the most effective. A professional can be seen by the number of posts and the detailed response. If you are looking for an artist among the specialists on the forum, then this will not be a difficult task:

  • Such people are always aware of all the news.
  • Help beginners complete more complex tasks.
  • You can find it on any of the options, depending on the task you set, its complexity, and other features.

When choosing an artist, you should pay attention to his laid-out examples of work. To do this, you can look at the portfolio or the examples given by him in communication. 

Typical mistakes when looking for an employee are not knowing the features of the 3D modeling games and the intricacies of doing the work. As a result, you can get a newcomer who will hone your knowledge of you. In the end, it may not be what you wanted. To avoid such mistakes, you should carefully consider the search for a candidate and not be too lazy to review as many artists as possible.