Netflix Apk or Netflix is an American-based company founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California in 1997 which provides the OTT services in streaming media and DVD by mail. In the language of broadcasting, OTT stands for Over the Top content such as audio, video and other media content being shared over the internet without the involvement of MSO i.e. multiple-system Operator in the distribution of the content.

Many of us might have heard about Netflix and its services, but we are not able to get access to Netflix services due to the unavailability of the services of Netflix in India. But, Netflix had recently launched its services in India, which is surely a relief for the lovers of TV shows, series, and other entertainment videos. You can hack in-app purchases of this app easily using lucky patcher.

Netflix Apk

Now, as the services are being launched in the market by Netflix, the question arises from the side of people that how to download and install the application on an android device. Therefore, today we are going to discuss the steps involved in downloading and installing the Mod Apk of Netflix premium on your android device. If you want to use the premium version of Netflix then you have to buy the premium version online and then you will be issued with your login credentials.

Before discussing the steps involved in downloading and installing the Mod Apk of Netflix premium version. We shall discuss the features and added features of Mod Apk of Netflix, followed by the tabular information regarding the premium version requirements and other key things required to download the premium version of the app.

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Features of Netflix

  • Netflix provided a different range of TV series, Tv Shows and many entertainment videos which might be only available on Netflix due to copyright issue. But all the series are of high-quality audio and video visuals and the content of the videos are also pretty nice which is not easily available on other streaming platforms. It all started with the website. Thereafter, the applications for the different operating systems came into effect which created popularity among different users.
  • Every series is available in very high quality of video streaming and in many different languages, the audio is available.
  • There are subtitles available for almost all the videos in many different languages which makes it easier for the user or viewer to watch and understand if he or she is not familiar with the language in which the video or series is available.
  • There is a big search bar where you can simply type whatever you want to search for in the search bar. The searching ability is being enhanced in every update made for the application.
  • The user interface is very simple, understandable and easy to use as compared to other websites and applications featuring some same kind of features and things to the users.
  • The updates for the application are hitting the floor in a regular interval of time which makes it more amazing for the user to simply just update the application and the bugs and the issues at some would-be automatically removed.

Now we shall be discussing the added and different features of the Netflix Mod Apk as compared to the original version of the game. You would understand the effectiveness of the Mod Apk features because they are becoming quite confusing things. Here are some of the added features of Mod Apk of Netflix.

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  • The Mod Apk of Netflix premium version is allowing you to enjoy the features of the paid version of the Premium version of Netflix for free of cost.
  • You can enjoy all the features of Netflix while using the Mod APK of Netflix premium version, you can watch all the videos available on Netflix for free of cost.
  • With the Mod Apk of Netflix premium, you get the access to watch unlimited video streaming and TV shows at a very low monthly cost. Now, the feature is available in which you can watch all the TV shows you might have missed in the past.
  • Netflix Premium Mod Apk also comes with an awesome feature which allows you to resume video playback on another device that is if you are using your mobile phone and suddenly it shut down then you can simply log in to your Netflix account and start over from the same place where your phone was switched off. This feature is one of the best features ever created in the recent entertainment platform.

Here is some technical information about Netflix’s original version which would help you out in getting a clear idea about the requirements required while installing the game on your android device.

Application Name Netflix
Apk Size 19 MB
OBB Size 33 MB
Developed By Netflix, Inc.
Root Required No
Android Version Required Varies with the device
The version of Game Varies with the device
Last Updated On July 19, 2018
Genre Entertainment


Now after discussing a lot about the features and technical information about Netflix. We are on the urge to discuss the steps involved in downloading and installing the Mod Apk of Netflix premium version.

  • STEP 1: – Firstly, download the APK File and OBB File on your android device. The download link for both the File is provided below:

Note: -Please note that prior to this you should make sure that your device has enough storage for the Game and also there is no other Application pre-installed for Netflix. 

  • STEP 2: – After that try installing the Apk File on your android device.

Note: –if you face an alert dialog box regarding, your device is set to block the installation of applications obtained from unknown sources.

  • To allow the permission, go to settings>>security.
  • You have to check the unknown sources option.
  • You will be able to install the application successfully.
  • STEP 3: – After the successful installation of the Apk File, navigate to the downloaded folder and extract the OBB file into the directory Android/OBB folder.


Note: -You can use any of the Extractor to extract the OBB file of the Game, you can get the Extracting application on Google Play Store for free of cost.

  • STEP 4: – If you encounter any problem in performing Step 3 due to any reason, you can just simply copy the OBB file into the directory Android/OBB folder.
  • STEP 5: – Now, you can enjoy your favorite Netflix on your Android device.

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Towards the END

As we move towards the End of the article, we would like to recommend that you should use the Mod Apk which would effectively save your money and would surely let you enjoy the same features as the original version of the application would provide you.

If you are having any kind of doubt then you can download the original version of the applications and enjoy the feature of Netflix by subscribing to the one-month premium plan. You just need a VISA or Master Card to get the subscription. If you are satisfied with the Mod Apk then you can cancel your plan within one month. I hope you have an entertaining day ahead. Cheers!

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