I have checked on a reasonable number of PCs in the course of the most recent couple of years and the majority of these have been gaming workstations that accompany ground-breaking equipment in huge, massive bundles with enormous charging blocks and an extremely difficult weight. So when MSI sent over the profitability arranged MSI Modern 14 A10RB (Rs. 74,990) PC to us, every little thing about it pulled in me. I’ve utilized this PC for all that I typically do on my own PC, and a few things I have never done on my PC, and I think the Modern 14 is a strong, value-for-money offering from MSI. How about we investigate.

Structure and Build

MSI Modern 14 A10RB design

Beginning with the plan, similar to I stated, everything about this PC is shocking. The silver-white shading, the aluminum body, the smooth structure. Every last bit of it is great and very attractive. I’ll be straightforward with you, I, for the most part, incline toward PCs in darker hues, yet MSI has made a faultless showing planning the Modern 14, to where I’m attempting to discover issues with the structure to make sure I have something to discuss.

Outwardly, there’s actually nothing to disdain. The cover looks beautiful, the PC is thin and light at simply 1.2kgs. There are altogether the ports you would need; hell, it even opens up with a solitary hand.

In any case, the unparalleled issue I have with this plan is something I spotted when I originally opened the cover. You presumably got it — the webcam. It’s put on the base bezel, suggestive of PCs like the XPS 13 from Dell, and with the entirety of indistinguishable issues from that one including the way that individuals are regularly investigating your noses while you video meeting with them. This is likewise a truly serious deal for me right now since I have been telecommuting a great deal due to the coronavirus alarm, which implies I get myself video conference a couple of times in the day and it’s simply humiliating. I had no clue my noses resembled that from beneath. Ugh.

Aside from that solitary issue, be that as it may, this PC looks and feels magnificent. The assemble is solid and solid, and it looks like the PC can endure a shot. To be completely honest, I didn’t, truth be told, test whether the PC can endure a shot, yet it looks sufficient.


MSI Modern 14 A10RB display

Discussing things that I saw when I opened the top, how about we investigate this presentation. The Modern 14 packs in a 14-inch FullHD IPS show and it’s really decent. It’s not the most splendid board I’ve seen on a PC, however, it’s certainly more than sufficiently brilliant, and daylight permeability shouldn’t be an issue on account of the matte completion on the screen that lessens glare significantly.

I additionally truly acknowledge organizations diminishing bezels around the presentation, and the Modern 14 accomplishes business as usual. Thus, the showcase looks progressively vivid, and the PC can fit a 14-inch screen inside an impression that is astonishingly little.

What I don’t generally like about this PC is the 16:9 perspective proportion of the screen. It just feels unreasonably wide for reasons unknown and is odd for me by and by, since I devour a ton of composed substance on the web, and a taller screen is more useful to my work process than a more extensive one. Despite the fact that in case you’re a substance maker, a more extensive screen could conceivably be increasingly helpful to you.

Other than that, this showcase gets all the things you’d anticipate from it. It’s pleasant and sharp, the hues look great, regardless of whether they don’t feel sufficiently contrasty, and it likewise has great review points — which is all marvelous. Also, the screen doesn’t flex an excessive amount of like some different workstations right now, and that is something I truly appreciate.


Okay, how about we talk about the exhibition. MSI Modern 14 is an expert on paper. The PC packs in a tenth gen Core i7-10510U processor matched with 8GB RAM, and a 500GB SSD. There are additionally MX250 illustrations here from Nvidia to help alongside any GPU-substantial assignments. These are strong specs for a mid-extend ultrabook-like PC, and that appears in the sort of true execution this PC can push.

As I referenced at the earliest reference point, I’ve been utilizing this PC to do all that I do on my day by day driver and a few things I don’t do on my day by day driver, and I’m glad to report that the MSI Modern 14 takes everything and easily gets through it.

Clearly, the standard Chrome with around 15 tabs open, playing YouTube Music out of sight sort of work is dealt with pretty effectively by the PC, yet even with somewhat all the more requesting assignments, for example, taking care of huge photoshop documents, the Modern 14 performs truly well.

MSI additionally referenced to us that the PC is extraordinary for programming, for example, AutoCAD, so I downloaded a preliminary for AutoCAD and since I have completely zero thought regarding how to utilize the product, gave the PC to my sweetheart who is a designer to look at it. She felt free to structure a lot of point by point building plans on the PC and was intrigued with how the PC performed even with an immense number of plans open simultaneously. There was no slack or any sort of postponement in executing orders that I can’t generally recollect the names of, yet that is an entirely another story.

I likewise put the PC through 3DMark and PCMark benchmarks to perceive how it performed, particularly in light of the fact that the Modern 14 accompanies the most recent tenth gen Core i7. As should be obvious from the screen captures beneath, the PC’s scores in both of these benchmarks are really good and comparable to what you’d anticipate from an ultrabook with these specs.

I didn’t try out games on the PC, incompletely in light of the fact that this isn’t a gaming PC, and halfway on the grounds that the sort of games you’d play on a PC like this incorporate CS: GO and PUBG Lite and both those games will run perfectly on this equipment.

Console and Trackpad

MSI Modern 14 A10RB keybord

Of the numerous things I totally worship about this PC, the console must be someplace directly on the highest priority on the rundown. MSI has slapped on a Steelseries console on the Modern 14 and it is extraordinary.

See, I invest a large portion of my energy composing on a PC, that is exactly I’s job, and an awful console can truly destroy my life. The Modern 14, notwithstanding, has an astonishing console. The keys are huge, so there’s a less possibility of squeezing inappropriate ones, and there’s abundant key-travel also, which isn’t something I’m utilized to any more politeness of Apple’s butterfly turns on the MacBook Pro, however, I despise everything value it.

The console is likewise illuminated, which is something else I feel is a flat out must on PCs, particularly those focused on innovative experts, on the grounds that in all honesty, we do will, in general, spend late evenings working, and an illuminated console is a blessing.

All things considered, the trackpad on this PC brings out blended emotions in me. It is a Windows Precision trackpad, so in fact, all the signals and the usability are there, however it’s minor and that makes it very hard to really utilize this trackpad reliably all through the OS. In case you’re utilized to trackpad-put together signal route with respect to your PC, as I am on my MacBook, you’ll be unable to really get a lot of utilization out of this one here. What I’m attempting to state, is you need a mouse with the Modern 14 to really appreciate utilizing it, and that is not something I like stating about a PC.

Additionally irritating is the way that the trackpad kicks the OCD in me, for sure. The shape here is dreadful. It has bent corners on the top, and sharp ones at the base, which is only a shaking look.

In general, however, despite the fact that I’m not a fanatic of the trackpad on this PC, the Steelseries console here more than compensates for it, so it’s acceptable.

Ports and I/O

MSI Modern 14 A10RB port

The Modern 14 A10RB additionally accompanies a wide determination of ports and me/O alternatives so you will likely not come up short on availability decisions for your peripherals. The PC has an HDMI port with help for 4K@30FPS video out, 2x USB Type C ports, and 2x USB Type-A ports. Furthermore, there’s an SD card peruser here, in light of the fact that a lot of substance makers, particularly videographers and picture takers do require that port to really move information between their cameras and their PC.

Actually, I for the most part just ended up utilizing the USB-A ports, and, every so often, the SD card peruser, yet it’s incredible to know different alternatives are accessible in the event that you need them.


MSI Modern 14 A10RB speakers

For Audio, despite the fact that the MSI Modern 14 may seem as though it has speakers straight up top, that is a gigantic falsehood. The speakers are very the base here which isn’t incredible.

The PC doesn’t have the best speakers I’ve heard in the value run. The volume is low, even at the most significant levels, and there’s definitely no bass in the sound so in case you’re accustomed to watching motion pictures or tuning in to tunes straightforwardly from your PC’s speakers, the Modern 14 won’t cut it for you.

The speakers can, in any case, make an alright showing in a video call in case you’re when there’s no other option for speakers or great headphones, however, I would suggest putting resources into a couple of good Bluetooth speakers for this PC.


MSI Modern 14 A10RB battery

Finally, there’s the battery, and this is something else where the MSI Modern 14 exceeds expectations. The PC accompanies a 50Whr battery, which isn’t the greatest in the fragment, however, it does keep going long.

MSI says the PC can last as long as 10 hours on a charge, which, for somebody like me, is extraordinary in light of the fact that I will in general move around a great deal at work when I’m composing an article and hefting the charger around isn’t the best alternative more often than not.

In my use, which includes utilizing Microsoft Edge with around 12 tabs open consistently, a meeting of Photoshop running close by, and here and there YouTube Music or Amazon Prime Music playing out of sight, the PC does last around 8ish hours, which is extraordinary. I’m certain with somewhat increasingly easygoing utilization, the 10-hour guarantee will remain constant, however generally, anticipate someplace in the ballpark of 7 to 9 hours on a charge.

The charger that MSI dispatches alongside this PC is a 65W block which charges the PC from 0 to 100% in around 2 hours. No doubt about it the battery execution on the PC is quite fair.

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