Major HR Activities

Major HR Activities You Should Be Aware Of

Human Resource is the central pillar with several core functions that decide the success and failure of an organization. They have to look after the employee and keep a check if the organization is keeping up with the employment laws. With organizations like prevalent in the market, it becomes accessible for employers to hire suitable talent on-the-go.

HR has five core functions: development, recruitment, compensation, health and safety, and staff relations. This article highlights all the activities that fall under these core functions.

Core Human Resource Activities

  1. Planning for the organization:
  • Integration of organizational planning with human resources requirements leads to better management.
  • It also includes choosing the right platform for the hiring process.
  • Human resources play a crucial role in planning for the expansion of a business or starting new ventures.
  • Strategic planning for human resources can keep your organization ahead of the rivals.
  • To launch a quality product, the organizations should keep the HR requirements in check like:
  • Appraisal system in the department
  • Training and development
  • Their salaries and other benefits
  1. Acquiring human resources:
  • The quality of your product and prestige of any organization depends on the acquisition of human resources.
  • Many organizations prefer global recruitments to get more capabilities and attract better youth.
  • The recruitment plan should include organizational objectives.
  • It is the job of the HR manager to search and introduce suitable candidates for different roles and positions.
  • Various psychographic techniques like Myers-Brigg and Thomas profiting are a part of significant human resources activities.
  • The recruitment method one selects depends on the size and type of organization.
  • If organizations acquire people, they should consider:
  • Skills and experiences
  • Young employees for every level
  • Nurture an attractive culture
  1. Handling the overall performances:
  • Quality performances bring in a culture of high standards and excellence in the organizations.
  • Merging the employee’s aspirations with the objectives of the firm will improve the overall performance.
  • The organization should encourage the talented and hard-working people and form a path for their career advancement.
  • Clear any fear and doubts stuffing the mind of the employees. Straightforward and relaxed reasons back up best performances.
  • This activity includes many aspects:
  • Evaluating the job and employees
  • Career planning
  • Cope with gender bias
  • Workout methods to satisfy employees
  1. Human Resource planning:
  • It is one of the most crucial activities as it helps the organization to make forecasts for human resources.
  • With proper planning, the organization can make policies and meet the challenges of the growing and changing business environment.
  • Human Resources planning includes job analysis, specification, and description.
  • The firm can decide the training and development of its staff based on HR planning.
  • It also includes deciding the compensations and wages for the staff and other rewards and benefits for them. Good salaries and rewards boost the morale of employees and their performances improve.
  • Organizations need to make careful decisions while planning human resources. Keep in mind the factors that can affect your business like:
  • Economic barriers
  • Technological advances
  • Number of employees
  • Quality of workforce
  1. Training and Development of the staff:
  • The technology change is forcing the organization to train and develop staff and keep them up to date.
  • Training and development form a crucial part of human resource management practices. This process encourages the career development of the employees at every stage.
  • The organization not only has to train the newcomers but also the senior and junior employees with the changing scenarios.
  • Choose a suitable method and design a program according to the needs of your organization.


The Human Resource Department is an added asset as it handles the workforce and growth of the entire organization. Many new approaches and activities adopted by the Human Resources department improve the working environment. It not only works for the benefit of the organization but strives to save employees from any harassment or unfairness.

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