How to Remove & Clear Cache on Kodi | Auto Clear Cache

Professional Guide to Clear Cache on Kodi & why we should clear Cache on Kodi: – You may sometime have faced the problems of slowing down your system or having glitches while using Kodi. These are one of the most common problems when your cache gets to clog up with and the only way to get rid of it is to clear your cache.

Cache is usually a memory which stores vast information about downloading files and much more. Accumulation of cache on your system over time may affect the working of your systems such as slowing down, running out of disk space and much more. Clearing your cache enables you to lower down the burden from your memory and hence enhances the working capabilities of your device.

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Five Different types of Kodi Cache

  • Android Application Cache: Being an android user you need to clear the application cache folder each time you are going to use Kodi on your device due to which the files available in the folder does’ t get accumulated which ultimately clog up your device. To avoid such situation you need to delete android application cache from your device which will automatically replace the files and automatically next time you will use Kodi.
  • Video Cache: Kodi enables you to save the video files into its RAM a few second prior to streaming. Hence you don’t need to delete this cache as it gets automatically deleted once you stop watching it.
  • Addon Cache: Various addons have the ability to create their own specific cache for using it in future such as backgrounds, menus, logos and much more. You can use some cache cleaning utility to clear data from such add-ons which they usually cannot do.
  • Image Cache: Image cache is usually compressed so that to save a lot of memory space. In case your device’s memory gets clogged up with a large collection of video or music files you need to clear your cache.
  • Temp Cache: Temp cache includes various miscellaneous files. Continuous use of subtitles, zip or RAR files or temp files may your cache get fill up over a time which you really need to clear up.

Detailed Guide to Clear Cache on Kodi?

Method 1: How to clear cache on Kodi using Xfinity&Xunity Maintenance?

How to install Xfinity&xunity Maintenance?

  • Launch Kodi and then go to the option of System > File Manager > Add Source > None.
  • Once done; now add URL: and press Done.
  • Now, highlight the provided box; enter the source name there; type xunity and press OK.
  • Go to System > Add-ons > and select installation from the zip file.
  • Press Xunity > XunityTalk_Repository and then wait for the notification related to Addon Enabled.

Clear and Cache on Kodi Using Xunity Maintenance?

  • Once you have installed the maintenance tool on your device go to the Video addon section and then select the newly added maintenance tool.
  • Select Maintenance > Delete my Cache.
  • Once done; you will receive a pop-up message showing the number of unwanted files stored on your device.
  • Press YES to confirm the process. Once done; enjoy seamless working on your device.

Method 2: How to clear cache automatically on Kodi using Super Repo [Fox Buffering Issues]

  • Launch Kodi > Settings > File Manager > Add Source.
  • Once done; click ‘None’ and add the URL in the provided box followed by clicking OK.
  • Now, add Media Source name as “Superrepo” and press OK.
  • Go back to Kodi Main Menu and then press Addons > Package Installer > Install from zip file > Superrepo > Krypton > Repositories > Superrepo.
  • Now click on ‘’ and wait for the installation process to get completed.
  • Once done; now, select Install from Repository > Superrepo Repositories > Addon Repository > Select Superrepo All.
  • Now, click Install and the wait for the addon to be enabled.
  • Go back to Addons > Box icon > Install from Repository > Superrepo All [Krypton][V7] > Click Merlin Repository > Merlin Wizard.
  • Go to the ToolBox and then click on the tree options Clear CachesDelete Packages, and Delete Thumbnails.
  • Once done with it; you have now cleared Cachedeleted Packages, and Thumbnails.

The conclusion of Kodi Clear Cache

Cache is the memory which stores data related to your downloading history. When this data clog up your memory space overtime; it slows down your device and hence ultimately affect your streaming. All you need to get rid of the problem is just to clear this cache. We have provided you the simplest methods of clearing cache from your device. Just use them to ensure the proper functioning of your Kodi cache in future.

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