Is Smartwatch Gaming Really a Thing

These days, you can play games on virtually anything: tablets, smartphones of all sizes, laptops, netbooks, and even smartwatches. Although still considered a rare form of gaming, it seems smartwatches are yet to reach their peak in the entertainment arena.

There are even smartwatch casinos. Will smartwatch casinos and video games truly become a thing? Let’s discuss.

What Is Smartwatch Gaming?

Smartwatch gaming refers to gaming using smartwatches as platforms for playing games. Up until recently, using wristwatches for anything other than telling the time was considered science fiction. However, with newer technology and better software, tech companies have started exploring the possibilities that come with smartwatches.

Smart tech, using IoT, AI, machine learning, and big data, has revolutionized how we perceive and use tech and gadgets. However, with smartwatches, the options are not as elaborate as with other devices such as phones and tablets. Instead, watches still offer a limited service choice, but newer generations of watches include video games.

Games to Play on Smartwatches

You have a powerful smartwatch and want to play games, but what kind of games can you play on such devices? The options may be limited, but they aren’t as slim as you might think. So let’s see the most common games watch-owners tend to play when they have the time. No pun intended.

You cannot play Skyrim or League of Legends, but there’s a nice assortment of puzzles, sudoku, and similar games to enjoy as mind food. Many of these brain games were the first ones to hit Android and OS watches, so you need only to browse them and play the ones you like the most.

Text-based adventures and 3D games have also reached the wrist gadgets. By visiting your app store, you can see what RPGs are on offer for those who want to experience games on watches. Choose Your Own Adventure – Lifeline is a text-based RPG available on Android Wear and Apple Watch. We have to say, Android leads the race with more games in the store, but Apple is sure to catch on in no time. Until Apple expands its library, you can enjoy Tamagotchi, the popular Japanese keychain game from the 1990s. The game syncs phone and watch, so you can take care of your pet any way you like.

You’ve probably heard about mobile video slots, but what about smartwatch slots? If you are more into games of luck, you will be happy to learn that smartwatches also support casino games. Again, the offer is modest but undoubtedly entertaining. Smartwatch casinos have grown in popularity these past few years, with many game companies focusing on smaller screens rather than laptops or PCs. Therefore, it’s just a matter of time before smartwatch casino games become an acknowledged type of online gambling worldwide.

Until Games Catch on, Here’s What You Can Do on Your Smart Wristwatch

Watches have come a long way from being merely a clock. But, gaming aside, there is a plethora of uses for your smart gadget – you only need to know what to look for.

By visiting the app store (both on Android and iOS platforms), you are offered a range of apps that work perfectly on your watch – and that you can connect with your phone too.

One of the most interesting apps, besides chat apps, are the apps with the health tag. Apps that track sleep, fitness, and stress are all the rage now, and they have been available for your wrist gadget for some time now. Some apps track your flights, show you the weather forecast, and can call you an Uber. Voice recordings, notes and reminders have become the standard.

You can also search for songs and detect tunes you like, thanks to Shazam and Spotify. Utility apps also include calculators and maps, and if you tend to lose lists and forget groceries on your way home, download Bring It, the app that acts as your sharable shopping list and personal life savior.


We may not know what awaits us in the coming years, but one thing is certain – technology will keep progressing. Will that include smartwatch gaming or not is still up for debate, but there are no doubts wristwatches are destined for greater things. Moreover, portable gadgets might even become obsolete, thanks to the hands-free approach software companies are taking. Smaller screens and hands-free items are winning over the crowds, and there won’t be any need for carrying things in your hands or bags. And what’s more hands-free and lightweight than a smartwatch?


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