[ADBFire] How to Install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV or Stick Via ADBFire

Install Kodi on Amazon Firetv via adbfire:- Kodi is one of the best free, open source software which enables you to enjoy various entertainment channels anywhere you want. It is a perfect app for the movie lovers, sports fans, films and TV show viewers and much more.

What else can better than the installing it on Amazon Fire TV or stick through adbfire Using Windows? It is the perfect way through which you can easily enhance the experience of making you entertain.

Moving towards Amazon Fire TV it is and a wonderful media player which includes micro-console remote developed by Amazon. You can also call it as a set-top box where the Fire TV stick actually means the plugin stick. You can easily connect this tiny box to your HDTV which will further enable you to enjoy more than 250,000 TV episodes, games, music and more.

What is ADBFire and Why We Use it?

ADBFire works as a bridge between your development computer to the Amazon Fire TV device or stick. It helps in installing, testing and debugging various applications with the Kodi device very easily. It is also known as Android Debug Bridge as it perfectly removes all the errors available in the application and hence enables you to enjoy secured accessing.

It is actually a command line whose utility is embedded with Google’s Android SDK. It one of the perfect device which can make a perfect control over the USB from a computer and enables you to copy files back and forth, installing and uninstalling apps, running shell commands and much more.

This wonderful bridge for developers helps in removing bugs all of their Android applications. This wonderful connecting device works by running the software through a PC and helps in feeding it terminal commands. It also enables you to modify your device with the help of a PC command line.

Requirements To Install ADBFire Kodi On Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick

As you are well aware of the fact that it is a relatively complex guide and hence we are here providing you the list of some of the items which will surely help you in setting up the procedure in a better way.

  • A fully functional Amazon Fire TV Stick for accessing unlimited channels
  • A computer system running on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X
  • An active broadband connection along with a wireless network set up
  • And small patients, That’s all.

Features and Advantages of  ADBFire / ADBLink

File Manager: ADBFire includes a file manager holding different files in a well-organized manner. It includes Busybox, built in WiFi/USB remote. It also includes log file viewer for ADBLink/Kodi logs which makes it easy to view and understand.

Install APK: ADBFire enables you to install various applications and programs easily on your device and that too without the help of SDK. It includes Busybox for the rooted and nonrooted device.

ADB Shell & Refresh ADB: It is another feature of the ADBFire which really enhance your experience much more. You can now easily get ADB shell and refresh ADB within just a few seconds.

Backup & restore: This perfect software application enables you to perfectly backup and restores Kodi Setups so as to reuse them in future. It also enables you to move all the data stored in Kodi files to the external drives. It perfectly manages devices through USB or IP address and hence reduces the chances of data loss.

Edit Cache & Edit XML: ADBFire is a command line which enables you to edit various cache files and XML files as per your choice. It also enables you to clone the Kodi setups to the new devices so as to save a copy of it for future use.


  • Windows:- https://goo.gl/UagSqt
  • Mac Os X:- https://goo.gl/7hyDMK
  • Linux:- https://goo.gl/huUjTm

How to Install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick Via ADBFire / ADBLink Using Windows PC

  • Get the IP address of the Amazon Fire TV: It is the first thing you need to do is. You can easily get it by going to the option of Settings followed by Device > About > Network and then just note down the IP address from there.
  • Enable ADB Debugging: Debugging of Amazon Fire TV is one of the most necessary steps to get protected accessing. Go to Settings > Device > Developer Options and then turn the ADB Debugging option ON.
  • Download and install ADBLink to your device: On the successful setup of the Fire TV on your device just download and install ADBLink on your device.
  • Setup Fire TV Device on ADBLink: The next thing you need to do is to setup Fire TV device on ADBLink. You can easily do it by running ADBLink.exe file.
  • Connect ADBLink to Fire TV: Once you have successfully done with the setup process the next thing you need to go along is to connect ADBLink to Fire TV so as to enjoy the secure accessing.

Now just simply follow these steps to install Kodi on amazon fire tv stick via ADBFire. We made this guide best for you. So, after reading out everything I hope you found this article helpful to you. And now just simply follow this instruction at your

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