How To Watch UEFA Euro 2020 For Free

With Football/Soccer becoming more widespread with time, everyone in the world is getting hooked on watching FIFA and UEFA or La Liga and so on. With so many great teams and so many amazing players showing terrific performances every day, it is guaranteed that almost every match has a heart-pounding experience.

But another really important factor today is the CoronaVirus (CoVid-19) lockdown/quarantine that has forced all of us to stay inside our houses for months.

Staying at home for such a long time has made us search for more and more methods to find things that can help us pass the time anyhow.

Now be it for the Ronaldo fan club or be it Messi followers, nobody wants to miss a single match from the UEFA (which stands for Union of European Football Associations) Euro Cup 2020.

So let us find out how we can watch the UEFA Euro Cup 2020, being held in 2021, for free!

How To Watch UEFA Euro 2020 For Free?

One thing that we all might be wondering firsthand is that why is it being called EURO 2020 in the year 2021. Let us find out.

How To Watch UEFA Euro 2020

Why 2020 in 2021?

Now since everyone is asking, why is it called Euro 2020 when it is being played in 2021?

The reason behind that would be the decision of the managing committee behind the event. At first, the Euro Cup 2020 was supposed to be held in the year 2020, but it is now being organized in 2021 due to postponement caused by the CoronaVirus pandemic.

So in the end, you can call it Euro 2020 or Euro 2021, it would be the same thing. Although official terminology is held at UEFA Euro 2020 only.

That being said, let’s find out how we can watch all the matches of UEFA EuroCup 2020.

Now since every country has different broadcasting services working to deliver the Euro Cup 2020 matches to the viewers, there will be different ways of watching the matches in different countries.

For watching in the USA

In the United States of America, the official partners of providing television broadcasting are ESPN and ABC. So if you are having these two channels subscribed on your cable/dth, you can always turn the TV on and enjoy those matches.

Since the ESPN and ABC services are provided online on the internet on their websites too, you can always turn on the computer or your mobile phone to watch the UEFA Euro 2020 matches.

Some other services available are Sling Orange, now that it already includes the whole ESPN, you can buy the services for $35 a month, but with a discount of $25 for the first month, hence you can enjoy the services if you only want to watch one month of UEFA Euro 2020.

FuboTV is also a choice available for watching the Euro League 2020, with costs beginning at $65 monthly unless you try and use its “free trial” offer.

For watching in the UK

Being the home ground for the event, the people in the United Kingdom can enjoy all the matches of UEFA Euro 2020 for free.

There are two services that provide free broadcasting of the Eurocup 2020 in the United Kingdom, they are ITV and BBC.

The important thing to care about is the fact that you need to have a valid TV license to watch using the online BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and ITV (Independent Television) services since they are free of cost.

For people trying on a mobile phone, using the iPlayer application too.

Since some people who are outside the UK might want to watch for free, do not worry if the websites deny you because you’re stated outside the United Kingdom, the solution to that is using a VPN. We will learn more about them further ahead.

For watching in South Asia

In South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh, SONY services have been a major broadcasting partner for UEFA Euro 2020 services.

So if you have Sony sports channels like SONY TEN subscribed to your television services, then you can watch the EuroCup matches. Another method for people in India to watch the UEFA Euro Cup 2020 Matches for free is using the JioTV for JIO SIM users. For ₹300 a month you can also purchase the SonyLIV subscription to watch the EuroCup matches online without a TV on your mobile phones and computers.

For watching in Canada

The people in Canada can have the accessibility of watching the Euro 2020, the online broadcasting services by TSN will be helpful for you to watch the matches even online for as low as $20 monthly.

TVA Sports Direct services can also be used for non-TV, that is, online services for watching Euro 2020.


For watching in Australia and New Zealand

For $15 a month in Australia, you can use the Optus Sports services to watch the Euro 2020 matches.

While in New Zealand, which is not too far from Australia, there is an availability of SKY Television services which when enabled from your cable packages, will let you watch the UEFA Euro 2020 matches on your television. Although a notable feature about Sky Sports is that they give features of being able to watch from anywhere in the world

For ESPN Users

Lastly, users from the countries like Bahamas, Haiti, Jamaica, etc, have the option of using ESPN as their broadcasting service for watching the Euro 2020 matches. ESPN is a very common sports channel service all around the world.

For Outside The Region

One very important aspect here is that often you might try using one or more methods but since they are limited to a country and inside that only, you might not be able to access it if you are outside that country, it could be your country as well as any foreign country.

In such cases, we will use something known as VPN (Virtual Private Network).

VPNs are very useful in securing our connections upto some extent. They can also be used to access some websites or applications that are limited to a particular country or a group, and if we are outside them. How?

The way VPN works are by connecting our network first through a secure server in the designated target country of our choice then sends the information to the target website while showing our location as in that country only, hence the website now understands as if we are in that country only. For example, to access BBC’s UK only restricted services from the USA, we will set up our VPN via anywhere in the UK.

Some of the most famous VPN softwares are TunnelBear, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, ProtonVPN, etc. We can download and install these applications on our mobile phones as well as on our computers. Some of them offer free limited services, while some offer free services for a trial time period.  


Since the fixtures are some of the first things we check to find out how the matches are going to be organized, we need them to find out when are the matches of a particular favorite team of ours so that we do not miss them anyhow. So let us here have a list of all the matches with respective dates.


11 June 2021

Group A: Italy vs Turkey

12 June 2021

Group A: Wales vs Switzerland

Group B: Denmark vs Finland

Group B: Belgium vs Russia

13 June 2021

Group D: England vs Croatia

Group C: Austria vs North Macedonia

Group C: the Netherlands vs Ukraine

14 June 2021

Group D: Scotland vs the Czech Republic

Group E: Poland vs Slovakia

Group E: Spain vs Sweden

15 June 2021

Group F: Hungary vs Portugal

Group F: France vs Germany

16 June 2021

Group B: Finland vs Russia

Group A: Turkey vs Wales

Group A: Italy vs Switzerland

17 June 2021

Group C: Ukraine vs North Macedonia

Group B: Denmark vs Belgium

Group C: the Netherlands vs Austria

18 June 2021

Group E: Sweden vs Slovakia

Group D: Croatia vs the Czech Republic

Group D: England vs Scotland

19 June 2021

Group F: Hungary vs France

Group F: Portugal vs Germany

Group E: Spain vs Poland

20 June 2021

Group A: Italy vs Wales

Group A: Switzerland vs Turkey

21 June 2021

Group C: North Macedonia vs the Netherlands

Group C: Ukraine vs Austria

Group B: Russia vs Denmark

Group B: Finland vs Belgium

22 June 2021

Group D: the Czech Republic vs England

Group D: Croatia vs Scotland

23 June 2021

Group E: Slovakia vs Spain

Group E: Sweden vs Poland

Group F: Germany vs Hungary

Group F: Portugal vs France

After this, for the knockout stage, the top 2 teams from each group, and 4 best teams in third positions will advance and go on.


26, 27, 28, and 29 June 2021


On July 2 and July 3, 2021 (Two matches on each day)


On July 6 and July 7, 2021 (Single match on both days)


On Sunday, July 11, 2021.

History of UEFA Euro

The UEFA Euro Cup, or the UEFA European Football Championship started in the year 1960, and it is organized every 4 years. The first winner of the UEFA Euro Cup in the year 1960 was the Soviet Union, and the latest champions were Portugal in the year 2016.

Germany and Spain are leading in the points table with both being 3 times winner of the Euro Cup.


So this was our detailed guide on how we can watch UEFA Euro 2020, being held in 2021, from anywhere in the world, and possibly almost for free too! Since every country has different regulations, we can try and be successful in using a VPN to access area-restricted applications and websites, but it can not always be guaranteed since sometimes they might require some things that are beyond VPN’s reach, like IDs and phone numbers.

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