Fidelity and fealty are the two strongest pillars of the institution called marriage. Without their existence, any relation cannot prevail. Even in the current fast pacing times we wish and desire fidelity and loyalty from our partners. Some are even lucky to have such a partner in their life who can be trusted blindly. The others are not so endowed. There are many factors that influence the fidelity of a person.

The female sex is inherently more vulnerable to these factors. It is not entirely wrong if a man wants to reaffirm loyalty of his wife. It is actually self-preservation. But during this process, it is important that the man is discreet and tactful. The methods described below will accomplish your task and also make you aware of how honest and loyal your spouse is in your relationship. Follow these steps to know how to spy on wife’s phone.


Smartphone monitoring is the oldest and the most intricate step you can take to spy on the daily activities of your spouse. Phishing is the easiest way to perform this task. Phishing involves forwarding an encrypted and infected link into your partner’s smartphone via email or a text message which when accessed will leak a malware in the device.

This malware will help you retrieve all the information held in the device, for example, usernames & passwords, text messages, whats-app messages, emails, facebook account details, camera folder, gallery folders, etc. Phishing can be performed with the help of online websites that serve this purpose for a few bucks. Several pages and forums also perform these tasks for free as they are sometimes practicing their internet skills. It just a matter of finding the correct forum and your work is done.

Another step you can take to know how to spy on wifes phone is mirroring the phone. Mirroring a phone means duplicating the software and the internet protocol address of the phone in a phone with the same hardware. This will require some deep hacking skills and unless you are in touch with one or are able to find one on the deep web it is not going to be easy. However, the closest you can get to a mirrored phone is through the use of a spy application.

A spy application requires one-time installation from an apk formatted file or through the application market directly. The spy application runs in the background so there is no need to alarm yourself of your partner finding about it. The application does not even appear in the settings section as it requires a specific code of buttons to be pressed in order to reveal itself. After installing the application you will need to enter your own email and account details and you are all set.


Any details about the phone and what goes on the phone will be delivered to you directly on the dashboard of your account on the application on your phone. Messages, WhatsApp messages, emails, photos, call recordings, calls, etc will be yours to read listen and observe. This is the easiest of all steps and the most intricate too as it solves the conundrum of how to spy on wife’s phone and makes it a cake walk.

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