Apple has a very good reputation for producing computers and mobile devices. One of the company’s products that can reach a large market is MacBook Retina. The device is very popular due to some reasons, especially the high performance. In addition, selling the device is also profitable since people will love to have it, even just the secondhand product.

What to Do Before Selling It?

Though the MacBook Retina is extremely popular, there are several things to do so that you can get the best deal when selling it. Here are what you should prepare:

  1. Back Up Important Files and Data

The first thing to do before selling your device is that make sure that you have back up all of your important data. You can do it either by using Time Machine or plugging in an external hard drive and then launch the utility.

Some of the recommended external hard drives to use are Windows share or NAS. To use the Time Machine, you only need to click the “Back Up Now” option available on Mac’s menu bar.

The tool will then back up all of your important files include your apps, document folders, photos library files, and iTunes.

  1. Format and Reinstall

Don’t forget to reinstall your device’s operating system once you finish with the backup data. Reinstalling the operating system can be done through Mac’s Recovery Partition.

  • First, you need to restart your device and hold the keys of Command+R at the same time when it is entering Recovery Mode.
  • The next thing to do is launch disk utility that appears in the macOS utility window.
  • Choose your boot partition and then click “erase”.
  • Select Mac OS Extended for the new partition created and then name it “Macintosh HD.”
  • Quit the disk utility.
  • Choose reinstall macOS from the window and then follow the displayed prompts.
  1. Clean It Up

You do not want your MacBook Retina looks dirty so that people will reluctant to buy the device. It will be better to clean it up first before you sell. People will be more interested in if the product you offer is clean and in a good physical condition.

To clean the device you have to make sure that the inside and outer sell is all clean. You also need to remove all the dirt found on the trackpad, every corner, vent, and between the keys. This is also important to clean the transformers and the power cable. Make sure to use a damp cloth to clean the display since it can get into the screen edges.

Use a Service Provider VS Direct Sell

It is true that selling directly to the buyer will allow you to get the higher payment. However, it is not as easy as you think and you might end up with a lower payment than it should be if you do not know how to sell it at a suitable price.

If you are not sure of where to sell the device and for how much, it will be better if you use a service provider to help to get the best deal. MacBack is a service provider that specializes in helping people to sell their MacBook devices.

The clients only need to get a quote in their account. There will be a team come to your place and package your device securely and then you will get paid. The company puts the customers’ satisfaction in the first place and the safety of your data will be 100% guaranteed.

MacBack will erase data in your device as required by the data protection legislation standard. The expert security protocols will be guaranteed the safety of your money throughout the process.

The protocols are to make sure that the payment conducted is safe, secure, and quick. MacBack will assess your device since it arrives at the company’s desk. You will get your payment just within 48 hours max.

You can either select to use bank transfer or PayPal to receive your payment. The service provider is a trusted retailer that makes your satisfaction becomes the company’s main goal.

You will get your device back via next day courier and it is free of charge if you are not happy with the company’s service. For more information, you can visit

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