Microsoft 98-349 Exam

Microsoft 98-349 Exam


Preparing for any exam generally assumes great importance for anyone who takes their profession seriously. That’s why spending their time to study for Microsoft 98-349 exam opens many opportunities for beginners in IT resulting in gaining the MTA certification. This specific exam, hence, verifies basic knowledge of tech concepts and thereby, upgrade your technical reliability. It also opens you a way to move confidently toward the credentials of the higher levels, such as MCSA, MCSE, and MCSD. Still, note that this year Microsoft has rolled out new certifications, that is mainly focused on skills and are known as role-based. But some of the previously issued badges are active and can be obtained, and MTA certifications are not an exception.

In this post, the essential things are outlined so as to the above test on Windows Operating System Fundamentalswith essential tips to passing it.

MTA: Certification and Its Microsoft 98-349 Exam’s Details

First of all, exam 98-349 practice test stands for one of the rest alternative assessments designed to get this Microsoft Technology Associate badge. Hereby, this distinct test evaluates your skills related to fundamental Windows OS aspects and measures applicants’ ability to perform various tasks in:

  • UnderstandingOperating System Configuration and Maintenance
  • Devices and Applications’ Management
  • Installation and Upgrading of Client Systems
  • Files and Folders’ Management

As usually, Windows OS Fundamentals test comprises about 55 questions that are presented in various formats such as mark review, case studies, drag and drop, multiple choices, build a list, and others. The exam must be completed within 50 minutes as established by Microsoft, traditionally, for all its MTA-level tests. Lastly, candidates willneed to get 700 marks out of 1000 to pass the assessment.

How to Prepare for 98-349 Test

Now, let’s reveal some tips crucial to help you pass the Microsoft 98-349 exam. While you might need to come up with an effective preparation strategy, this valid advice will support you in the way.

  • Understand 98-349 Exam Objectives

As its name suggests, the Microsoft 98-349 test focuses on Windows 10, the newest OS released by Microsoft. So, before registering for the exam, ensure you understand what domains and skills it measures. You are highly advised to visit the official Microsoft site and so, get the exam aims and goals covered to create a plan for exam preparation.

  • Develop Hands-On Knowledge and Skills

Even though familiarity with the exam topics, contesters should also hold a practical understanding of the Windows 10 operating system and its concepts and components. Having these hands-on skills and knowledge will assist them in linking various theoretical ideas to real-world cases in the work.

  • Use Practice Tests

The Internet offers solutions to almost all our problems. Your 98-349 test is not an exception, which means that the preparation process will be made much easier thanks to exceptional exam dumps from reliable sites such as Exam-Labs. On this platform, you will get use the mentioned practice tests that come with ready-made questions and answer inside 98-349 Premium Bundle. Stuffed with 210practice questions having additional explanations and comments, and a training course containing 50 lectures, this tool is extremely valuable for the test.

Moreover, the VCE-based Exam Simulator where the dumps are inserted allows you to access to a test-like atmosphere. It improves confidence by putting you in an exam setting, therefore, enabling you to get solid confidence in taking the real exam and letting you set, design, and edit the test as per your requirements. This Player will also help you learn how to manage your time like in the real exam.

Lastly, there are also purchase-free exam dumps downloaded by previous exam passers, which, through performance, will help you observe and track your progress. This way, you will be able to monitor your advancement in the exam topics.

  • Join Microsoft Discussion Forum

Different groups and online forums like the Microsoft one allow interested specialists to share challenges, experience, and tips for preparing and passing exam 98-349. Above all, you’ll be empowered to join the worldwide community of Microsoft professionals!

  • Enroll in Classroom or Online Course by Vendor

Finally, here is one of the best ways to prepare for the exam. If you want to effectively prepare for 98-349 exam, make sure you take part in a relevant provider’s course. So, Microsoft supports you with instructor-led training with a code of 40349B in Windows Operating System Fundamentals that will help you prepare comprehensively.

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Grounds for Taking98-349 Test

The majority of laptop and desktop computers are still using Microsoft Windows. Due to this, most organizations use the Windows OS that comes pre-installed in their PC, the fact, increasing the demand for IT professionals experienced in the management and maintenance of such valuable computer systems.

Broadly speaking, Microsoft certifying tests are designed to measure your capability to perform various technical tasks. From this point of view, IT certifications have undeniable value since they offer many benefits to you and your company, together with a guaranteed level of competence.

This also brings you to the necessity of getting an MTA through taking Microsoft exam 98-349.

While preparing for this test, you’ll become a certified professional, and inspiring job opportunities will await, with top-edge organizations overtaking each other to hire you! Since the credential from Microsoft is an essential mark, your chances to stand out of the crowd for the same position increases.

One last benefit of getting this certification is that you will have a chance to get jobs with an increased salary. According to, a specialist with general skills in Windows Server with Windows OScan earn up on average $80,000 up per year.

Drawing Line

Since you have gained the understanding of how to obtain this MTA: Windows Operating Systems Fundamentals credential precious for newbies, make sure you pass the Microsoft 98-349 exam and get certified in its Windows 10-related concepts.

It means that, if your desire is to become part of the rapidly advancing software industry, getting this certification is ideal for your career. Use the right study resources to enhance the chances of passing this beneficial assessment with the most valuable practice tests!

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