How to Improve SaaS UI/UX Design?

While building a featured packed SaaS, some companies focus less on the UI/UX part and more on optimizing the backend for faster operations. But SaaS builders should understand that focusing on an attractive and pleasant design from day one is extremely important. 

Otherwise, people tend to find alternatives with a better user experience, even if they have to compromise a few features. Hence, to save all your hard work from going in vain, follow this article and find out how to improve SaaS design and retain customers that you have acquired. 

Why is UI/UX design important for SaaS? 

UI/UX design is essential for SaaS because it helps users interact with the platform easily and intuitively. Poor UI/UX design can lead to frustrated customers, ultimately, less revenue for your business. 

By improving your SaaS UX design, you can make sure that users have a positive experience when using your platform and that they can find the information they need quickly and easily. You can also ensure that your platform looks professional and attractive, encouraging more users to use it. 

In addition, good UI/UX design can help reduce customer support costs by making it easier for customers to get in touch with you. Overall, good UI/UX design is essential for any SaaS platform.UI/UX design can help customers understand your product and how to use it. It can also make it easier for them to get in touch with you if they have questions or problems. Overall, good UI/UX design is essential for any SaaS platform.

Best Practices to improve SaaS Design

1. Hiring an experienced designer

The most important thing you need to do is hire an experienced designer from the beginning and test the demos thoroughly before rolling them out on the production site. An experienced designer will help you design the product and make it easier for you to finish the process faster. 

But remember, before hiring a designer, make sure he/she has prior experience designing SaaS products because it differs entirely from business sites, portfolio sites, and blogs. You can hire a talented designer from platforms like:

  3. Facebook groups
  4. Behance

2. Keep the registration process simple

Another essential aspect of SaaS UI/UX design is the registration process, which should be straightforward. I have seen thousands of SaaS designs and found that most had a complex registration process. A simple “Register” button is enough to catch the new user’s attention; don’t try to be too unique with this. 

Use simple words because not all the customers are native to your country, and keep things simple to make things easier. Moreover, you should take only a few details for the registration process, email/Phone number, first name, last name, and date of birth if the product is age restricted. 

3, Simpler navigation

By simpler navigation, I mean navigation that doesn’t confuse the first-time visitor. Include all the service, product, and resources pages grouped under separate tabs. This helps the user to easily jump from one page to another. 

Furthermore, don’t avoid using breadcrumbs; it helps users to understand the user where it is located on the site and go back to the previous page or directory with one click (image 2).

4. Use attractive visuals

It is important to use attractive visuals to improve the user experience. This will help engage users and make them feel like they are part of the product.

Keep everything simple Use as few buttons and icons as possible to keep the interface clean and easy to understand. Too many menus can confuse users, so sticking with a few key options is important. Use color to your advantage Colors can help users differentiate between different elements on the screen. 

This is especially important when there are a lot of options available. Try to use colors that will stand out and be easy to see. Everything should be organized in an easy-to-follow layout so users know where they are and what they need to do. Make sure all critical information is easy to find and accessible. 

5. Choose a readable font only 

Some designers make a common mistake of using fonts that are too small or difficult to read. If your font choice isn’t legible, it will definitely impact the user experience. Choose a typeface that is readable in various sizes and on various devices. For example, choose an Arial or Helvetica typeface for desktop browsers, Google Chrome, and a Verdana or Lucida Grande typeface for mobile devices. Moreover, ensure all text is set to a default size so it’s easy to read.

6. Using Chatbot

A chatbot is a tool that can collect leads and help visitors with queries. It is specially coded for the sites with pre-saved questions and answers. It can serve the right page to the user interacting with the site for the first time. Moreover, it can also be used for creating support tickets and collecting user data (leads). 

Bottom Line

A good user experience and the interface are essential needs for SaaS. You can lose a potential customer because of poor design and bad user experience; therefore, make sure you are spending money on marketing and improving UI/UX. The points we discussed above are suitable for starting out, and it is wise to take the advice of people with experience in this field, so hire an experienced designer.