How To Find The Top Deals When Shopping For Kitchen Appliances

Buying new or even reconditioned kitchen appliances can be expensive whether it be a dishwasher, dryer, freezer, oven, range, or refrigerator. However, there are several tried and tested ways to save money and find top deals when shopping for kitchen appliances, read more about them below. 

Use Coupon Sites

Just like with most other products and services, you can find discounts for kitchen appliances on several coupon websites. If you are looking to get a good discount on Lowes purchase items, most major stores partner with reputable coupon and discount websites. Usually, these sites change the discounts on offer every so often, however, it is possible to sign up to their email lists and receive alerts when a discount is available on a kitchen appliance you prefer.

Request Quotes Via Email

Shopping around for kitchen appliances is a good idea, however many people make the mistake of visiting various physical store locations when looking for quotes. However, a lot of energy, time, and gas can be saved by getting quotes through email. This approach also helps you to avoid face-to-face sales pitches and possible negotiations, additionally emailing for quotes encourages retailers to compete for your business.

Take Advantage of Utility Rebates

The majority of kitchen appliance manufacturers offer utility bill rebates, although many shoppers fail to cash in on them. You can check if a company offers utility rebates on their website or in-store and search for them on the government Energy Star website. Most utility rebates are mail-in, which can be inconvenient however the extra effort usually results in significant savings. 

Look For Bundles

If you are upgrading more than one kitchen appliance, then it is worth looking for bundles to save money. Typically when you bundle three or more appliances, you can make savings of up to 20% in addition to achieving a consistent style in your kitchen and receiving larger utility rebates. 

Purchase Second Hand

For people on a limited budget, buying reconditioned appliances is a good way to save money, however, it is important to shop carefully. Ideally, you should shop for secondhand kitchen appliances at reputable and trusted stores that provide warranties rather than sites such as eBay and Craigslist where you can’t be sure of reliability and quality. 

Negotiate the Price

Discounts can be surprisingly easy to get when shopping for kitchen appliances, especially if you are prepared to haggle. Some tactics commonly used by shoppers to successfully negotiate the price of kitchen appliances include:

  • Referring to prices found on the websites of competing retailers
  • Enquiring about a membership, senior or veteran discount
  • Searching for deals on price comparison sites
  • Requesting a discount on a floor model
  • Asking the retailer to waive the delivery and installation fees

Kitting out your kitchen with all the modern appliances such as a fridge, freezer, oven, and stove can set you back large sums of money. Fortunately, there are several ways to save money when buying kitchen appliances whether it be using coupon sites to get discounts, receiving utility rebates, purchasing a bundle, or negotiating the price in-store.  

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