How To Clear Cache On FireStick

If you are experiencing lag or glitches in your Firestick’s performance, clearing cache is the best way to get it working optimally. Regular cache clearing keeps your Firestick in the best working condition for you to enjoy more screentime than complaining about buffering and lag.

This guide will give you an insight on how to clear cache and internal storage on your Firestick to rid of excess clutter that may make your device slow. Read ahead to know all about it!

What does Firestick cache mean?

Firestick allows users to access content like shows, movies, and series from various sources and stream it on their television. These apps are readily available on the Amazon shop, but the stick allows third-party platforms to stream content.

When using these apps, users should expect the cache to build up due to constant application usage. The cache keeps piling up whenever the apps are running on your Firestick. Since most apps usually delete off the cache after the Firestick is turned off, the chances are that it may not happen all the time, due to which this cache and unwanted data will keep taking up the internal space of your Firestick.

With this cache taking up a large chunk of space, your Firestick may experience a loss of performance and speed, so it is essential to clear up the junk sooner than later.

Benefits of Clearing Cache On Firestick Device

Clearing cache comes with various benefits for your Firestick, which we have listed down below:

  • It will increase the performance of your Fire TV.
  • It will remove all the unwanted and harmful data that may corrupt your Firestick.
  • Buffering issues of the videos will get resolved by clearing the cache.
  • Your device will not slow down, which may be the case of cache overbuild in your Firestick.
  • Cache clearing will resolve any underlying system issue your Firestick is facing.

How to Clear Cache On Amazon Firestick

You can free up space on your Firestick by two methods being giving a reset to your Firestick or manually deleting all the cache pile-ups from your Firestick. To do so, we have given step-to-step guides for both the methods ahead:

Clear cache manually

It is essential to note the size and space required by each application on your Firestick before clearing the cache and all the data related to these apps. Cleaning up all these caches will help your Firestick work better and smoother. To do so, read through the steps mentioned ahead:

  • Click on the Home button on your remote and go to the Settings option.
  • Now, navigate to My FireTV and to storage to check the free space on your FireTV, which will be shown on your screen via a graph.

  • Click on the Home button again and go to Settings > Application and then the Manage applications option to see all the apps you use through your FireTV.
  • Now, scroll up and down the applications, and on the left panel, you will see the details of each application with their cache build-up data in GBs.

  • To free up some space on your FireTV, click on the apps you rarely use and click on the clear cache option. You can do this with all the apps to maintain optimal space and storage.

  • Click on clear data if you want to remove all the data from the application, or click uninstall if you do not require the app on your FireTV.
  • Repeat this process with all the apps until you have enough storage space on your FireTV.

Give your Firestick a Factory Reset

Sometimes, even after clearing up cache, reinstalling the app, or deleting its data, you may face problems with your Firestick, so the last resort is to give it a factory reset. This should not be carried out if you’re only looking to clear up the cache for a few apps, as resetting your FireTV will remove every data from it.

Factory reset will resolve any software glitch or corrupted files that may be hampering the performance of your Firestick. To do so, we have given below the steps:

  • Click on the Home button of your remote.
  • Go to the settings option and then My FireTV.

  • Click on the Reset to Factory default option for a factory reset.

  • Now confirm this step by clicking on the Reset button.

  • Wait for the Firestick to restart to access your device.


Clearing up the cache is essential to keep your Firestick running smoothly without any lags and buffers. It helps maintain your Firestick and get rid of any harmful and unwanted files that may be taking up storage space.

We hope this article helped you with how to clear the cache on Firestick and the benefits of doing the same. Thank you for the read!