Hide Apps on Android Device

How to Hide Apps on Android

Hiding Apps on Android is not a difficult task if the hide option is in-built in your SmartPhone. Well! There is no option to hide the apps at Official or Stock Android. Android is the open-source and free operating system for tablets and Smartphones on Google. Hide Apps on Android features can be seen in some of the Smartphones but not on Android Devices.

Nowadays, many of us are worried about privacy and they protect their data on their Smartphones from friends and family. You can protect your data in many ways on your SmartPhones. You can hide the apps, folder from the file manager to hide your photos and other documents. 

How to Hide Apps on Android without Root

Well, if there is no inbuilt option on your phone for hiding the apps, there are many alternative options available. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about rooting your phone. There are many methods for easily hiding and un-hiding apps.

Using Launchers

We all aware of the fact that android supports customizations, it is easy to customize the graphic user interface of Android with the launcher Apps. Some launchers provide you some of the extra features like locking and hiding the apps.

You can download any launcher from the Google play store which suits you best. There is the number of launchers available on the Google Play Store with the app hiding feature. But, Go launcher, Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher Prime, and Apus Launcher are considered to be best.

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How you can hide Apps by using Apex Launcher?

How you can hide Apps by using Apex Launcher

  • Download the Apex Launched and Install from Google Play Store.
  • Open the Apex Launcher and you’ll find that the launcher will be set automatically. Otherwise, you’ll see the pop up to set Apex as Home. You’ll see the Apex Setting at your Home Screen and App Drawer. Open Apex Settings.
  • Tap on the Hidden App option and then tap on add hidden Apps, you can now select the apps which you want to hide from the drawer. After selecting tap on the save button.

How you can hide Apps using Go Launcher Z?

  • You can download the go launcher app from Google Play Store. Install the app after downloading it.
  • Open Go launcher set wallpaper according to your choice and now launcher will be set.
  • Open the app drawer, tap and hold on the app icon. You can see the option of hiding at the top of the screen, drag the option till there. Go launcher will hide your apps now.
  • Tap on the Tools icon from the home screen, open the Hide App and set the pattern and confirm it. You can also see the hidden app list.

Disabled the Apps from the Settings

This is one of the most popular and oldest tricks to hide the in-built apps. You can easily disable the apps through settings. After the disabling, you will see the disabled apps in the App drawer. Well! You can easily enable them also. There is no need to root the Android Device and you don’t have to install any launcher from Google Play Store.

How you can hide the App? 

  • Open the setting in your Android Device and tap on the Apps from the settings itself. The list of all the apps will appear that are installed at your device. Go to the App that you want to hide.
  • The Disable Button will appear, tap on the button. You will see the pop-up message click OK to it.

You are done. Also, you can enable the app from the Settings. However, this method works only for inbuilt apps. This is considered to be the easiest method.

How to Hide Apps on Android with Root?

Third-Party Apps available to hide Apps on Android Phone, The apps work with rooted devices. In case, your device is already rooted, then you can use these apps.

“Hide It Pro” and “Hide-App-Hide Application Icon” apps are best for rooted phones. These apps are easy to use just like the app lockers. Also, you will see the hide it pro app label name in the app drawer as Audio Manager. It is quite helpful to hide.

How to Hide Apps by using “Hide App-Hide Application Icon”?

How to Hide Apps by using Hide App-Hide Application Icon

  • After rooting the device, download and install the Hide App-Hide Application Icon App from Play Store
  • After that, open the app and tap on + icon
  • You will see the list for the installed apps. Select the apps on tap on save button

How to Hide Apps by using “Hide It Pro”?

  • Install Hide it Pro App from Play Store. Below the download link.
  • Open the “Audio Manager” App, tap and hold on the Audio Manager icon.
  • Select the Password
  • Tap on the Audio Manager logo to enter the password.
  • Tap on hiding Apps Option and allow the root access by clicking on “Yes”.
  • Tap on +icon and select the apps

Final Verdict!

This is how you can hide the apps on any Android device. I tried the same process on my latest Google pixel 4 you can try it on your phone. You can do this with or without root. Well! Launchers are best to do this. Therefore, Android gives an option so that you can disable built-in apps.

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