HDCP Unauthorised Error on a Roku

Roku is a media streaming gadget that offers films, network programs, over 1,000 channels for both the free pack just as paid administrations, additionally, it is quite easy to use and doesn’t shoot your costs out of spending plan.

If your Roku device is displaying an error message that reads “HDCP Unauthorized.” and is looking for a solution, then this is the article for you. Through this article, we will discuss the various solutions to tackle hdcp error roku as well as the reasons for the occurrence.

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HDCP Unauthorised Error on a Roku Causes

HDCP is High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection.  If you switch on your Roku device and are presented with a purple screen with a message that reads “HDCP Unauthorized. Content Disabled” it could be caused due to a problem in your HDMI cable or simply due to a loose connection between the HDMI connector and the device.

  1. Unsupported Display

Often the Display settings that have been set for the Roku device may not be supported in the television you are using. This could be the reason for the error if the Roku Settings resolution and max refresh rate have exceeded that capability of what the television can support.

  1. HDCP Support

In a few cases, especially if this is the first time you are setting up the Roku device to the television, the television you are using may not support the display which could be the reason for this error.

  1. HDMI Cable or Television Port

This error could be a result of a weak connection or a problem with the connection between the Roku device and the television. This could be due to either a bad port in the television, that could have gotten spoiled or stopped working due to time or a non-functioning HDMI cable that could have stopped working due to an electric power surge.

  1. HDMI Switch

If you use an HDMI Switch to allow more distance between the Roku device and the television or to get the Roku device close to the Router this error could be due to the HDMI board going bad.

How to Fix ‘HDCP Unauthorised’ Error on a Roku

  1. Check the HDMI Cable

A non-functioning or weak HDMI cable might be the reason for the error. To ensure that it is not the HDMI cable you need to connect the HDMI cable to another television or a device that supports HDMI connection.

If the cable works that is not the problem and you can try the other troubleshooting methods listed below. Another method you can try is using the opposite ends that were currently in use. That means, use the end that was connected to the Roku device or connect to the television and vice versa.

If your HDMI cable is at fault, simply buy or order a new HDMI cable and connect the television to the Roku device using that. This should resolve any issue and ensure the smooth functioning of the Roku device.

  1. Change the Port

If your HDMI cable is working, the problem may lie in the HDMI port of the television. Over a period of usage, television ports tend to get exhausted, this can make them prone to glitches and other errors. This might inhibit the working of the port temporarily which in turn could be the cause of your error.

To solve this error, simply switch the HDMI cable from the port you were using to a different port (Television usually comes with two or more HDMI ports).

  1. Reboot the Connection

If your HDMI cable is working properly, the problem may lie in the connection or simply may be a technical glitch. To resolve the problem you will have to remove the connection and set it up again. Given below are the steps to be followed to reboot the connection

  1. Remove the HDMI cable from both the television and the Roku device.
  1. Switch off the television and unplug it from its power source.
  1. Switch off the Roku device and unplug it from its power source.
  1. Wait for approximately thirty seconds.
  1. Connect the HDMI cable to both the television and the Roku device. Please note you need to push the cable firmly into both sockets so that they are all the way in.
  1. Reconnect the television to the power socket.
  1. Reconnect the Roku device to the power socket.
  1. Turn on both devices.

Your Roku device should start working smoothly now without showing any error

  1. Change the Display Settings of your Roku device

Your Roku device could be displaying the error message because the television you use does not support the display settings that your Roku device has been set to.

To resolve this problem, simply change the display settings to one more suited to the television you are using.

  1. Going to the Home Page is the first step in the process. You can do this by simply clicking on the Home button that is on the top right corner of the remote.
  1. Next, use the remote to navigate to the Settings Menu that will be found on the Home page.

hdcp error roku

  1. Select the option titled Display Type.
  1. Change the Display settings to a type that is supported by the television you are using.

hdcp error roku

If you are not sure of the display settings that your television can support. You can look up the television model on the internet and read through its specifications. These specifications are also listed in the manual and on the box that the television came in, so you can refer to both of these things as well.

  1. Once you have changed the display settings click on OK.
  2. Restart the Roku device.

Your problem should be fixed and the error message “HDCP Unauthorized.” should not be displayed anymore.

  1. Check The Display Supported by the Television

The methods written above should be able to help you solve the problem. However, if this happens the very first time, and both methods did not work for you it could be due to the fact that the television you are using does not support HDCP.

Though this is rare it could be the cause especially if you are using earlier television models that do not follow the current standard and have a different set of protocols.

To check whether this is the cause of your trouble, look into further information about your television model by reading through the manual that the television comes with or by getting in touch with the manufacturing company of the television.

For HDCP 2.2 you need to have an HDMI 2.0 input. If you use an older version of television that has multiple HDMI ports, one of them may support HDCP 2.2. You can check which port this exactly is by referring to the manual or looking it up online.


The error message “HDCP Unauthorized.” simply means that the content you are trying to view is not supported on the television. This can simply be due to weak connections or settings that are not supported by the devices.

In this article we discussed the various causes for HDCP error Roku and five troubleshooting methods to help fix this error, namely, checking the HDMI cable, changing the HDMI port, reboot the connection between the two devices, changing the display settings of the Roku device, and checking the compatibility of your television.

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