Howdy People, kodi is a very famous movie and tv show platfrom to watch popular videos from worldwideit has awesome fame around the globe. Kodi allows their designers to develope kodi add-ons to make great streaming experience to their users. Different types of kodi add-ons asks for pin or pairing to maintain the balanced traffic and traffic loads on their servers.

Before proceeding further let me introduce you to vshare pair stream authorization. is a very populor server for kodi pairing as a add-on. If you pair Vshare than you can watch famous videos without any problem.

I use to Visit some question-answer sites. One thing is common i found it is that almost every kodi client is having problem of vshare eu error in this article we are going to fix streaming authorization error on kodi with simple methods which are takes only less than 3 mins. To remove this issue and make streaming smooth Kodi designers have developed a server which is called by the name vshare pair error. In such cases kodi users are facing the pop-up issue after a time of streaming.

How to get rid of http vshare pair stream authorization  issue on Kodi?

to fix these errors there are some methods given which will work perfectly. You just have to follow these methods step by step and you will enjoy limitless videos on your any device. the methods are given below

Method -1fixing Vshare pair error issue by pairing IP address

you can fix this issue for up to 4 hours by just pairing your IP address with https:// pair after this you can fix the stream issue for 4 hours, after the 4 hours you can repeat the same process.

you can do these tasks to fix the issue of vshare pair stream authorization on Kodi 17.6-

1.- connect VPN in your device

thoudands of copyrighted videos links are introduced by kodi to their users. This is not good to access these links without using a vpn software or else you can be in trouble. you need to connect your vpn and slect any country this will replace your identity.

  1. – Open any browser

You have to open your any web browser to proceed next. after you open open your web browser you have to pair it with vshare eu.

  1. – Open the vshare eu pairlink

now need to go to the web address bar and enter this url Vshare eu pair in you web browser.

4.- Active Streaming button

After the web page is loaded completly. The next step is that you have to click on the Active Streaming button. The active Streaming button is located at the down side of the web page.

  1. – Close your web Browser

When you click on the active streaming button you will get a message that your Ip Address was paired for few hours with video share. when you see this meessage you can close your web browser. Now you can open your kodi to watch the most popular videos. The is now available to use for few hours. In the kodi you will not get the pop up error of stream authorization for almost four hours.

Short Information Note – 

In order to stream kodi you do not have to turn your internet connection off or else you will lose the connection and you have to pair it again. you do not have to turn off your vpn and do not change the ip address on your device.

Method-2 To Fix Vshare Pair Error On Kodi

By Disabling vshare pair eu with use of disabling hosters by captchas

In This method i will tell the trick of disabling vshare with the help of disabling hosters with captchas. you have to follow all these instructions  –

(A) go to kodi home page, now you can see your addon there. right click on it.

(B) There you will get many options select settings Option.

(C) Now click on the playback and will get many options in its menu.

(D) There will get option of Hosters With Captchas. you have to check it that is it active or not.

(E) If active than you have to dicable the optopn of hosters and captchas.

(F) Thats it, now you can enjoy limitless videos.

Method- 3 Alternate Process To Fix Vshare Pair Error On Kodi

By Configuration of URL resolver.

This method have many steps just follow these steps perfectly and you will get rid of the vshare eu pairing error.

(A) Open Your kodi.

(B) Go to your Kodi homepage

(C) now you need to find the settings option and click on it.

(D) Now you need to convert the setting mode in to expert mode.

(E) Find the addons option

(F) Under the addons You will get manage dependencies, You have to select it.

(G) Now find URL Recolver and click on It.

(H) Now click on Configure

(I) You will get many hosters there on the page.

(J) In These hosters, you have to select

(K) Disable the Video share server.

This method will lead you to your favorite videos and their add-ons.

I Hope these methods will resolve your issue vshare eu pair error on Kodi. I would like to say one thing that uses these 2 methods to fix the streaming authorization errors on Kodi, Because of these only working methods. If you have any doubts and facing any issue comment down we will respond as soon as possible.

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