Useful Browser Extensions

According to StatCounter analysts, 60 percent of desktop users use Google Chrome. However, the share of those who use extensions – third-party services that can be built into the browser – is much smaller.

With their help, you can become more productive, improve the security of Internet actions or, for example, improve the gaming experience when playing top online casino on the market. They are simply indispensable things!

In this article, we will talk about browser extensions that help developers be more productive.

Useful Browser Extensions

1. Notion Web Clipper

In my opinion, saving links in your browser’s bookmark list is not at all efficient because of their inconvenient organization – you can’t find them later. You just install this extension in your browser and click on it every time you need to save a link, which is added to the current Notion document. If you don’t have one, you can create one beforehand.

So what’s the appeal of Notion? It allows you to distribute links to different documents, like WebDev links, performance, etc. Of course, you can do the same using browser bookmarks, but how awkwardly organized they are! Also, you can add tags to links saved in a Notion document. Thus, this extension simplifies saving and organizing links. 

2. Toby

Try to find something when you have a lot of tabs open in your browser – you must agree that it is quite difficult. This is where Toby comes in handy. It lets you organize your tabs into categories.

You can create any category you like: finance, delayed reading, task list, etc., and then add browser tabs to it. The following image shows the extension of action. You can’t help but notice how easy and convenient it is to organize your tabs. You can also search for a specific tab or category.

This extension is one of the most requested in my work as it helps to stay organized.

3. BlockSite

The BlockSite extension allows you to block distracting internet content and focus on the tasks at hand. You can block some sites and whitelist others. You can block all sites except those on your list.

Every time you try to access a blocked site, there will be an error. So you will have no reason to get distracted and put things off for later. BlockSite will undoubtedly increase your concentration and productivity.

4. Highlighter

Sometimes in the process of work, there are valuable pieces of information that you need to highlight so that later you can always go back to them. And with this, we always help Highlighter extension.

It makes it possible to highlight text on any website and save it. This means that when you close the page or browser, the highlights are not lost. For now, Highlighter works best with blogs and static sites, but highlighting text in social networks is not the best supported by the extension. 

Thanks to this excellent and useful extension “saved” fragments of information will never be lost.

5. Pomodoro Assistant

The “tomato” method is a well-known time management technique. With the help of a timer, the work process is divided into time intervals. The duration of each of them is 25 minutes, followed by a short break. However, this method allows you to set the time intervals and breaks at your own discretion. The Pomodoro Assistant extension allows you to use this method. 

6. Adblock

Many people already use Adblock. It blocks:

  • video ads;
  • banners;
  • pop-ups;
  • tracking.

In addition, the extension speeds up your browser because it has to load less data as a result of blocking annoying ads.

7. Fake Filler

Manually testing an application based on fake data takes a lot of time. Fortunately, we have the Fake Filler extension that allows us to automate this process. It fills fields with arbitrary data in seconds.

This extension saves you time by automatically filling fields with dummy data.

8. Clear Cache

Clearing the browser cache takes time: you have to go to the settings, find the option and select everything to be deleted. The more often you have to do it, the more this routine starts to get tiresome. But Clear Cache clears your cache in one click.

Moreover, you have the ability to specify the data to be cleared. For example:

  • Application cache;
  • Cookies;
  • downloads;
  • file systems;
  • form data;
  • history;
  • indexed databases;
  • local storage;
  • plugin data;
  • passwords.

The above image illustrates the extension settings. You can choose what to clear and for what period.

9. uBlock Origin

First of all, let’s note that the uBlock Origin extension is not identical to Adblock. It has better performance with less CPU and memory resources. In addition, uBlock Origin is more of a content blocker than an ad blocker.

Most of all, we appreciate this extension for its ability to customize the blocking of website components. You can locally or globally block JavaScript, set your own rules, hide CSS elements and more. An amazing and effective extension!


With the above extensions at your fingertips, you save time, concentrate better and be more productive.

Note that not all extensions work in certain browsers. For example, the extensions mentioned in this article are recommended for Google Chrome. However, most of them are also available in other browsers.

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