Best Soccer Streaming Sites Online

It’s been over a year since the pandemic prevented us from going about our daily routines and for many, that included going to watch our soccer teams.

At first, we had to put up with no sport for a long time before guidelines were relaxed for professional sports and soccer returned. The absence of fans in the stadiums has been felt with players, pundits, and commentators all mentioning that the game just isn’t the same. It’s a season that’s still been able to deliver us controversy with VAR playing a massive part in key decisions and is likely to continue into the Euros this summer. On at least one occasion this year, the inconsistency of refereeing decisions has left everyone associated with soccer in confusion.

It was believed that VAR would put a halt to any poor refereeing decisions and in many games, it has. However, the officials in the VAR team have received some criticism of their own, particularly over the amount of time to decide the outcome of a decision. It’s left everyone bewildered at times and, after the Euros, it’s believed the refereeing committee will try and make further changes to the rules.

Despite that, soccer has still given fans at home something extra to celebrate (and moan) about. Games have been more accessible than ever with companies putting their money in to build their audience and with fans stuck at home, the chance to grow your audience has never been easier. But which streaming site is the best one for you? Whether you’re watching MLS, the Premier League or La Liga, we have the best site available for you!

1. Reddit Soccer Streams

Reddit Soccer Streams offer a fantastic service for fans to watch soccer games from the best leagues in the world. This includes watching French giants Paris Saint Germain in Ligue 1, German Champions for the last 7 years Bayern Munich, and one of the biggest teams in the world, Red Devils Manchester United. The website allows easy access to all live games so you don’t miss a single minute from the comfort of your own home.

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2. Soccer TV Live

As well as offering fantastic live entertainment, Soccer-TV gives fans an insight into the latest form of the team their watching and their league position on the website’s homepage. You can catch the biggest games from the Premier League, MLS, Primeira Liga in Portugal, Super Lig in Turkey, and more!


Catch all the action from around the globe and see your favorite players doing what they do best in Spain, Italy, South America, and more! You can watch the stars of the CONCACAF Champions League attempting to achieve greatness and a place in the history books thanks to this quality steam website, available to you today!

4. Rojadirecta TV 

There’s no better place to watch the Champions League and Copa America than They offer an incredible HD picture on their service that’s second to none and will excite fans that enjoy seeing the ball brushing through the grass carpet on their TV screens. On top of the quality picture you’ll receive from using this service, you’ll also have a range of games to access and won’t be left unfulfilled by the amount of entertainment on offer.

5. Sky Sports 

Sky Sports are one of the best in the business and are the leading name in the sport when it comes to broadcasting entertainment. They focus primarily on the Premier League while occasionally broadcasting games in the lower leagues in England. They also broadcast some of the high-profile games across Europe including Spain, Germany, Italy, and France.

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They consider themselves the best in the business and they hire some of the best too which means you, the fan at home, will hear top-quality commentary and analysis on a sound and picture quality that’s above anyone else. There’s a small fee to pay for the service which you can find on the link above, however for such a quality service, it really makes the money worth spending.

The Good News (and the bad)

The bad news is that the websites listed above, while their quality is assured, may have a subscription fee to pay for some services however they’re all licensed by companies such as,, and The main advantage of the illegal streams is that they’ll be ad-free and you won’t have a ridiculous amount of pop-up ads appearing on your screen or a number of tabs being opened. You’ll have a high-quality HD picture (depending on your TV/monitor of course) and commentary from the broadcaster.

With the penultimate games of the European competitions coming to a close and the domestic leagues in Europe almost completed, you don’t want to miss a thing!  

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