whatsapp alternatives

Here, in this article, we will discuss some of the apps which can be considered as the alternatives to the WhatsApp messenger app. Most of the apps discussed here are free. You can install one or more of these apps and experience a wonderful messaging experience.

  1. Skype

Skype has lately combined its connections and their contacts with ancient MSN or Hotmail accounts, linking you to long-standing colleagues. Skype, aside from nostalgia, is not only an excellent way for free calls but also enables your contacts to send text messages. Contrary to WhatsApp, before you can begin sending emails you must approve contacts, but their reliability and stability make it an appropriate substitute.

  1. Live Profile

You will begin registering with an email account with Live Profile. After that, you can add your telephone number to locate and contact other consumers. A LiveProfile PIN is added to each account and enables you not to provide your phone number to share the PIN with others in the account. It does not have call functions, but it has conventional message functions to begin a group chat and send photos or videos.

  1. GBWhatsapp

The GBwhatsapp is an extended version for the whatsapp app. There are many new functionalities are added to the GB Whatsapp, which are not in the original whatsapp. Features like unlimited contacts and broadcast features make the GB Whatsapp one of the best apps to use. It enhances productivity and can streamline many of your functions. Hence GB Whatsapp can be considered as the best alternative to the whatsapp messenger services.

  1. Groupme

Groupme provides services for individuals in a group who want to chat. You log in to your email, check your phone number and send a text message code to the number given. It promotes group messaging over SMS, which is special about this app. If someone has no 3-G connection in the group, the person can still receive group messages at a small cost. An SMS will be paid for each message sent or received to the United States.

  1. ChatON

ChatON is a Samsung app and is a fundamental, call-free messaging application. However, many other market and platforms have been discovered by the app. You can opt-in or skip the process and just enter your name with your Samsung account. Check your phone number to see if any of them is on ChatON and then check your app to check all online contacts. The chat is on when you discover other users of ChatON.

Thus, we have seen some of the best apps, which are messaging services and can be used as whatsapp alternatives. I hope you liked this post, There are many other apps which serve the purpose of the messaging apps but the ones discussed here are the most used ones and most popular. Share this post as much as you can.

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