Best 3 Ways to Convert RAP to ZIP

The file conversion is a very widely used process which has to be dome because of different necessities. All the files have their formats, extensions, and limitations, and not all type of actions are implied on all files. To resolve this problem, there are many File converting methods and tools through which we can change the file formats easily and quickly without losing any data. People often want to convert RAR file into a zip file to make some editing or perform some other tasks. There are many RAR to ZIP converter and methods through which this process can be done very quickly in no time. Some desktop programs and online file converters provide you great ease to change the RAR into Zip easily and freely. Let’s discuss the three primary and best ways to convert RAT to ZIP.


It is the best and effortless way of converting RAR file into ZIP. The procedure of doing this action through onlineconvertfree is very simple and fast. You will get the best quality ZIP file without free from any data loss or errors. You can use this file converter site to get the best results. You have to follow some of the quick and straightforward steps so that the conversion process can take place.

How to Convert RAR to ZIP through

  • Go to
  • The very first and obvious step is to choose or drag the RAR file from Google drive or your computer.
  • Drop this File onto the converter page
  • After this, select the ZIP format as you want to change the RAR file into a ZIP
  • After this, the process of conversion will start to wait for some time
  • After completion, click the download button to have converted from
  1. PowerISO

As we know that not all the software can support the RAA files, and that is why they have to turn into ZIP files by different methods. PowerISO is a very favorable and famous method of changing any RAR file into a ZIP file. You have to follow a few very simple steps, and the work will be done in very minimum time. Let’s consider the process of conversion.

How to convert RAR to ZIP with PowerISO?

  • The first thing you need to do is running PowerISO in your computer
  • A page of PowerISO will open where you have to choose the OPEN option from the top choices.
  • After this, selects a file you want to convert from the open file dialogue box
  • Click the button OPEN
  • An archive containing RAR files will open in front of you.
  • Click File, then Save As option after which you have to name the File and select the zip format file archive
  • Click the SAVE button
  • The process will start, which almost take a short time of 2 minutes.
  • After the completion, the converted RAR file will automatically open into a ZIP format, and all data will start appearing in a ZIP folder.


It is another popular and powerful tool of changing the RAR format file into a ZIP form. The process is simple, including a small number of steps. This software also has an excellent rating because of its quality results and fast speed.

How to convert RAR into ZIP with WinRAR?

  • Right click on the RAR file and select OPEN WITH RAR option
  • It will open in the, and you need to choose CONVERT ARCHIVES from the TOOLS to drop down menu
  • After this, a dialogue box will be open
  • In the ARCHIVES TO CONVERT table, you can drag one or more RAR files you want to convert by clicking on ADD button
  • In FOLDER FOR CONVERT ARCHIVES box, you will choose that folder in which you want to save the converted File
  • Then click on the button COMPRESSION
  • The Set DEFAULT COMPRESSION OPTION dialogue box will appear from which you have to choose GENERAL from the top, ZIP from the archive options and then press OK
  • Your File will be converted

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