5 Ed-Tech Tools to Try in 2019

Learning is becoming more and more fun with the inclusion and use of tech-based solutions. It is now easier for learners to do their learning and homework than in the past. With the help of Writemyessayz.com platforms and other ed-tech tools, students can handle their assignments in less time and in high quality. There is more out there that can be provided in class for learners to boost their learning. These education solutions range from writing, time management and tools to get organized while in and out of school. Here are 5 Ed-Tech tools that students can try in 2019…

  1. Geoguessr

This is a fun game that is aimed at developing various student skills such as research, global awareness and problem-solving. The user is dropped into a random location on Google Street view where they are required to find out the location where they have been dropped to the nearest possible point.  The thinking involved touching on various information inside the map needed to solve the situation is very critical for student learning. Students take initiative and show perseverance all through till they succeed.

  1. ProWritingAid

Writing is a very significant part of student life and that is what the ProWritingAid comes to do. This Ed-Tech tool helps students enhance their writing skills, which are much-needed for assignments. It helps in such areas as grammar, spelling including how the content is arranged and written in the sentences. As students type in the tool or upload a written document in the tool, a summary report is provided showing the weaknesses and strengths of the writing. Ideally, it is helpful in providing thorough feedback on writing made by students.

  1. Creaza

Learn how to create mind maps, videos, presentations and cartoons by using the Creaza tool. It also helps students to collaborate with colleagues on their projects concurrently. The tool comprises of creative tools that contain built-in content and many other ready-made activities. That way, activities can be assigned and follow-up made making it possible for users to comment and review along. It is an interactive and engaging tool for all learners.

  1. Equity Maps

This iPad app promotes collaboration and helps to track learners and their participation in class. It also tells the amount of participation made by the students. As you tap on the icons of the students while taking part in a discussion, this possibility is activated. Ultimately, there will be a summary analytics report of the frequency with which the students take part in the discussions and be able to know the active ones.

Instant feedback provided on this platform helps students to reflect and consequently ensure that discussions in the class are inclusive and equitable. It is a great tool for creating a collaborative atmosphere for learners.

  1. Formative

This is web-based application software that makes it possible to issue assignments to learners and give personalized and real-time feedback. Ready-made formatives can be used or create personal ones for sharing with students. Again, you can view the progress and answers made by students instantly and evaluate their progress in learning. This is an easy-to-use tool that makes it easy to evaluate your students and get to know how they are doing.

Final Remarks

Ed-Tech tools are a great resource for learning these days at almost every level of learning. All stakeholders in education have at least a tech-solution they can use for operations or evaluate the progress being made in learning. Teachers and students alike are making the most use of these tools. Try out these 5 Ed-Tech tools in 2019 and boost your efficiency and performance in general.

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